Chapter 10

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Starr POV

(Week later)

I looked at the pale girl staring back at me. My all black dress stopped at my knees. I put on my black pumps and curled my hair. I pulled out my black shades and put them on. I'm more of mad than sad now. I rubbed my dress down and left out the bedroom. I found my friends sitting in the living room....quiet....too quiet.

"You okay boo?" Des said getting up and hugging me. She had on her long black floral gown with her hair in a tight bun.

"Yea." I said. She took my shades off revealing my puffy red eyes.

"No give me that." I said taking my shades from her and putting them back on.

"Girl you been wearing these black shades every since that day." Des pointed out.

"And you been quiet." King added.

"Can we go?" I said ignoring their comments. We all went and drove to the church. It was held at the church I used to attend when I was small. This where my daddy always took me and King. But we stopped once he died. We stepped out and walked into that crowded church. Once I saw that black casket at the front I turned around about to walk out but Des, King, Ray, Roland, and Rj blocked me. We went and sat in the front. Service started. I couldn't pay attention until everyone looked at me.

"Go say a few words Starr." King whispered to me. I don't want to get up here but I will do it for ma. I got up and walked to the mic.

"As you all may know I am Janay's daughter Starr Monroe." I began to say.

King POV

I could tell how hard it was for her to get up and talk. I hate she got to go through this. She ain't had a easy life in a long time.

"My mom was no saint. I will admit she made a few mistakes in the past but she was changing. I just wish she would have been given a longer time to show it." She said. I could see a few tears fall from under her shades.

"She crying." Des whispered to me. I slightly nodded.

"But on my mama and daddy grave if I find out who did this I'm gone put two bullets in they tail! And if y'all know who did it I swear somebody gone die!" She snapped. Everybody in the church sighed and whispered. Aw shit! Starr got her ghetto ass up there making threats. I looked down my row and saw Rj, Roland, Ray, and Des laughing. Omg I can't believe she did that. And with that being said she came and sat down like a straight G. Everybody in the church got quiet and stared at her.

"Starr why?!" Was all I could say.

"Why what?" She mumbled. Oh shit! If she don't know what she did wrong she crazy as hell. Let me stop talking to this crazy girl.


Once service was over everyone stood outside offering their condolences to Starr. Me and the crew just leaned against the truck watching everything from a distance. Making sure aint nothing pop off.

"I ain't never seen so many white folks in one spot." Ray said.

"Damn fool her mama half white!" I snapped.

"Oh I ain't know that." He said. I think he was smoking that shit before he came.

"Where her daddy?" Des asked.

"That nigga got killed in a shoot out. He was thugging in these streets." I explained to her.

"Oh." Was all she said.

"Starr dead wrong for making threats in church." Ray laughed.

"Heck yea! It was funny though." Roland said. Starr walked over to us. She had her shades off for the first time. It revealed her eyes but they were darker this time for some reason. It looked more of black!

"Guess who I see!" She said coldly.

"Who?!" I said leaning up from the truck.

"Damon!" She said. Soon as she said that Damon walked over to us.

"Sorry for you all's lo-" Starr cut him off.

"Fuck you here for?!" She snapped.

"I was just-" I cut him off.

"Nigga if I find out you behind this I'm gone light yo ass up....literally." I scolded. He wore a devious smirk on his face.

"Y'all ain't got to explain to this fool." Des said.

"And who are you?!" Damon snapped.

"I'm King's beautiful cousin. Who you?!" Des snapped. Damon laughed.

"So it's two of you?" He said pointing to me and Des.

"Nigga fuck out of here!" I snapped. Starr just stood with rage in her face.

"I just came to give y'all Janay's clothes from my crib." He laughed. That's when Starr punched him a mean one in his face.

"Fuck you say nigga?!" She yelled as she kept giving him blows to the face. He tried to protect his face but Starr was throwing mean blows. Des tried to pull her away but Starr kept brushing her off.

"C'mon Starr not in front of the church." Des begged.

"Naw let her whoop that nigga ass cause he came over here fucking with her." I said calmly. Damon punk ass was on the grown getting stomped by Starr's sharp ass heels.

"Get it good Starr!" Ray yelled. She spit on him and walked back to us like it was nothing. She was breathing hard like she had just got done running.

"Y'all ready?" She said calmly. I looked over her shoulder and her whole family was staring at us. We all hopped in the car and swerved off. They was having a reception but we decided we didn't want to go. I just dropped Rj and Roland off at home. Ray ugly ass just wanted to stay under my cousin. We pulled up to my crib and settled in.

Starr POV

I walked up to my room and stripped down out my dress. The door suddenly swung open. I turned around and jumped.

"Des! Can you knock?!" I panicked.

"Girl hush up. We both got the same thing. I just got more than you." She laughed. This girl is foolish. She swear she thick though. I tried covering the important parts but it ain't do no good so I just let it all show. Fuck it.

"Want to hang with me?" I asked her as I got dressed. I just threw on a LA Clippers t shirt and sweats with my Jordans. Fuck my hair. I'm just gone leave it down.

"With you looking like that? Hell naw." She said turning her nose up. I giggled. This girl always makes me laugh.

"Bitch forget you." I laughed. I ain't laughed like this in a long time.

"I'm just playing girl. We all gone go out to eat. Me and King already talked about it." She said. I gave her a funny look.

"I ain't really up to it Des." I admitted.

"Girl will you quit being such a bum and get out and enjoy life." She said rocking her hips and waving her hands in the air. I like Des. She is so young, wild, and free. Three things I will never be.

"Bitch you calling me a bum?" I squinted my eyes at her. She burst out in laughter.

"Are you a bum bitch?" She giggled.

"Move before I punch yo weak ass!" I laughed as I pushed her out the way and walked out the door with her following. Lets see what's the good in this day.



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