Chapter 13

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Starr POV

When I think about the sex

Nothing better comes to mind

I wanna sex you all the damn time

Thinking bout the sex

It's got me wanting you to come through

And do sex like we always do

Sex with you is really the best with you

It makes life worth going through

Ain't nobody got a body like you

Cause my sex with you meets my needs

Ain't gotta go looking in the streets it's you

Ain't nothing better than the way we do

Boy I love having sex with you


I turned my music down a little and looked in the mirror one last time at myself. I wore my black shirt that had 'Don't Be Hating' in big red letters, my jean shorts, and my bred 11's. I tied my hair in a tight ponytail and put on King's heavy chain. Yelp I'm going for my thug look today. I walked down stairs and found him sitting on the couch shirtless.

"Girl you rocking my chain." He smirked.

"Better than you." I added. He grabbed my arm and pulled me towards him.

"Don't be getting smart." He smirked.

"So!" I got closer to his face. He licked his lips and kissed me. Man them lips are too soft. Make me want to do some thangs. I sat on his lap as his hands were around my waist. Our lips never pulled apart.

"Girl you got that good stuff." He mumbled. His hands ran down my thigh and between my legs. He pulled away quickly.

"What's wrong?" I said confused.

"Nothing." He said pushing me off and getting up. It kind of hurt my feelings. No lie.

"So you not gone tell me?!" I said.

"We don't need to be doing this girl." He said. My heart dropped. I felt like I was being stabbed a million times in the back. Shit hurt.

"Stop what?" I asked softly.

"This." He said pointing his finger back and forth from me to him.

"So you don't want to be intimate with me?" I asked.

"I just don't want to ruin our friendship you feel me." He said. My blood started to boil. I'm mad as hell now.

"Bullshit. You gone take my innocence and do me like that?!" I yelled.

"Calm down mane. I-" He was about to say until I cut that ass off.

"Naw mane fuck that! That's some foul shit." I said getting emotional. Damn I hate getting emotional. It hurts my pride. I sucked up the tears and played big girl.

"It ain't like we not cool. We still homies." He said.

"Fuck that! Homies don't fuck each other!" I said coldly.

"Well you should have kept your legs closed then!" He said getting mad. That did it. Tears started running down my face.

"Starr I'm sorry." He said once he noticed how he hurt me. I bagged away from him and walked out the house. I got school.

Desiree POV

I walked along the sidewalk once my phone started ringing.

"Hello." I said.

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