Chapter 9

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Starr POV

I swear when I woke up it sounded like I was in a frat house. I got out the bed and walked downstairs and found King none cooking ass in the kitchen messing around with pots and pans.

"Starr you seen the silver pot with the black handle?" He asked. I giggled.

"What the hell you doing King?" I said crossing my arms.

"Trying to find a pot to put the grits in." He said frustrated. I ain't got time for King crazy self. I got school. I walked back upstairs and showered. I decided I was gone try something new today. I put on my sun dress that stopped at mid thigh. It had pink and white stripes. It tightened at my waist but got looser. It was pretty. It made me look girly. I slipped on my pink heels and accessories. I curled my hair and pinned it up. I twirled around in the mirror and admired my thighs and curves. I'm pretty. I walked downstairs and found King eating grits, eggs, and sausage. He damn near choked when he saw me.

"Where you going looking like that?!" He snapped.

"School." I said.

"You sure?" He said raising his eyebrows.

"Yea why you sweating me?" I said sitting next to him.

"You showing your thighs and stuff." He laughed.

"Let my thighs be your least worry." I laughed. I stared at him as he smiled showing them sexy dimples.

"What you staring at?" He laughed.

"Nothing." I sang. He stood up and threw his plate away and washed his hands.

"You ready?" He said grabbing his keys. I walked out to his truck and got in. He drove off. It was quiet until we approached the school.

"Have a good day." He said.

"I doubt it." I said being honest.

"Don't think like that ma." He said. I laughed and stepped out. I walked down the crowded halls.

"Starr." I heard someone sing out my name. I turned around to Rhonda and her shadows.

"What you want mane?" I said getting annoyed already.

"I heard Jonathan is back. And he rolling with Brandy." She smirked.

"What that got to do with me?!" I snapped.

"You know he your boy." She laughed with her girls. I ain't got time for these hoes. I need to get to class.

"Are you done?" I asked as soon as they stopped laughing.

"And if I'm not?" She said getting in my face.

"Bitch you need to bag up out my face before you be tasting one of my bullets." I threatened.

"Hoe you ain't bout it." She laughed.

"See you stunt at school but once you see me on the streets I don't hear no talking." I said. Everybody looked at us. I'm tired of this hoe always running her mouth.

"Whoop my ass then Starr." She got angry and pushed me. She messed up. I jumped on her ass like my life depended on it. And guess what. Her girls tried to jump in. Baby I was busting heads against lockers, pulling out weave, and scratching faces. These hoes know not to fuck with me. I don't mess with nobody. So don't fuck with me. I felt someone drag me off of them.

"Starr girl relax." The soft voice said. I looked up at the caramel skin girl with long black hair and brown eyes.

"Naw these bitches acting up!" I snapped.

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