Chapter 33

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Starr POV

We stood outside a door where we heard soft whimpers. Poor Des goes through too much in her lifetime. She runs from Miami to avoid the same shit she getting in LA.

"What the fuck he doing to her?!" Ray grouched.

"I'm about to kick this bitch in!" King said holding his foot up to the door.

"No! No! No! Wait! What we gone do when we burst in?" I asked.

"Kill that nigga." King and Ray said at the same time. I shrugged and put my gun up waiting on the door to knock down. King kicked it down with all his might.

And there was Des. Lying on the bed helplessly crying while Jonathan straddled her.

"Starr!" She yelled. Jonathan looked back at me with a smirk then looked at King and Ray.

"Got to wait your turn Ray." Jonathan got off Des and zipped his pants. I cut my eyes at Ray and saw he was picking Des up bridal style. That left me and King pointing our guns directly at Jonathan.

"Bonnie and Clyde huh?" He laughed.

"Naw just Starr and King." King said.

"Starr baby-"

"Don't call me that! Im not your baby anymore!" I cut him off.

"She will never be your baby!" King yelled.

"Ray get Des up out of here." I told him. He carried Des out.

"Starr I remember all the good times we used to have." Jonathan smirked.

"Starr I'm bout to kill this nigga." King said.

"Naw King." I told him. He gave me a confused look.

"What times do you remember Jonathan?" I asked.

"I remember you used to run to my house every time your mom and Damon got drunk. We used to cuddle all night long." He said reminiscing.

"Yea I remember that." I nodded.

"That's why I didn't kill your mom." He sounded so innocent yet so guilty.

"How I know that Jon?" Tears began running down my cheek.

"I used to be at your house everyday chilling with you and your mom when she was sober. Starr I love you too much." He said with sympathetic eyes. I slowly lowered my gun.

"Starr he lying! Don't listen to that bullshit! He trying to trick you!" King yelled. I put my gun on the floor next to me and walked over to Jonathan.

"I loved you Jon, man. You used to be my homie." I cried in his chest. He wrapped his arms around me.

"I moved away and changed Starr." He simply replied.

"Starr!" I heard King tell out desperately.

"I promise I don't know what I be doing sometimes." He confessed.

"But why would you and your crew try to kill me and mines?" I cried more.

"It was all Damon's plan. I didn't want to hurt nobody." He said.

"So y'all killed my mom?" I asked once again. He paused and I looked up at him.

"Damon did. I just sat out in the car." He admitted. I nodded my head.

"Well I understand." I said.

"I love you." He said. I pulled away and looked at him.

"I love you too.......BUT NOT THAT MUCH!" And without another word I pulled another gun out the back of my pants and pointed it at him.

"You tricked me!" Jonathan yelled.

"So y'all did kill my mom! I should have killed yo ass at the basketball court when I had the chance!" I yelled.

I looked over at King and he gave me a slight smile. I bet he thought I was falling for Jonathan. I love King too much to turn on him like that.

"I thought you loved me Starr!" He yelled.

"Fuck you! You don't know what love is!" King snapped.

"Brandy and Rhonda is gone be in here any minute now!" He smirked.

"I don't think so." I laughed.

"We killed they ass already. Now you next playboy." King said. Jonathan reached in his pants and pulled out his gun.

"Which one of you want to die first?" He asked. I looked at King then he looked at me. Before I knew it bullets flew everywhere.

I felt something hit my shoulder. I looked and saw blood running from my shirt. That was the last thing I remembered before collapsing and seeing black.





I walked through a familiar place. I can't make out how I know it but I remember it. The trees stood y'all and green all around me. A small home was there and a woman stood outside working in the garden. A man stood on the porch with a lot of boys that I remember.

Loco, Elija, Courtney, Izzy, Derrik, and ManeMane. Those were the boys that worked under my dad. They are all dead now though. After daddy got murdered his boys started coming up dead one by one.

"Baby girl come here." A familiar voice called. Daddy. I ran up towards the house and into the porch. He was the same way I remembered him. His long braids, brown smooth skin, those killer brown eyes. My dad was handsome.

"You've grown up." He put his black and mild out and licked his lips.

"Yea and you don't look any different." I looked at him.

"Lil Starr." Loco laughed as he ruffled my hair.

"Where am I?" I asked them.

"Home girl." A voice said from behind me. I saw my mom standing there holding a flower pot.

"Home? Where is King?! Is he okay?! Did Des get away?! I-"

"Girl calm down. You just sleeping. Everybody okay except Jonathan. A bullet got him right between his eyes." Da told me. I nodded.

"I miss y'all so much." I hugged my dad and it felt so real.

"I'm with you everyday. All of us is." He hugged me back.

"I think it's time you go now. We wouldn't want anyone worried." Mom hugged me.

"I don't want to leave." I whined.

"You got to. You have responsibility now." He said. I looked confused.

"What you mean by that?" I asked. They all just laughed.

"Star." A girl voice said. I opened my eyes and saw Ray, Des, and King standing over me.

"Where I'm at." I sat up and felt a sharp pain in my shoulder.

"You lost some blood." The doctor said.

"Are you okay Des?" I asked.

"Yea are you?" She giggled.

"I don't know. All these machines hooked to me." I said.

"At least the little one is okay." The doctor smiled.

"Little one?" We all said at the same time.

"Yea. Your baby." She smiled down at me.

I'm pregnant?! Sooooo that's the responsibility daddy was talking about. Damn!




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