Chapter 16

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Starr POV

We just stood posted up on the wall watching the opps approach us. The expression on all of our faces were priceless.

"Hey Starr." Jonathan said. Now why was I the first one he decided to speak to. I just stared at him for a minute.

"We not friends dude." I said so bluntly. He laughed.

"Remember we used to be so in love?" He asked.

"Aye dude she said y'all not cool so leave her alone." King butted in. I could tell King was getting jealous.

"Yea once upon a time we were in love. But you left me." I said.

"Then got with me." Des added. He stared from me to Des.

"Des got some good pussy." Jonathan laughed. King started to turn red from anger. Des looked so embarrassed.

"I heard." Damon laughed. Ray cuffed Des's hand.

"These niggas must want us to start busting up in here!" Ray snapped.

"Oh you didn't tell them Desiree or should I say Des?" Jonathan laughed. We all turned to Des. She looked utterly uncomfortable.

"Stop Jon. Not here." She begged.

"Naw tell yo "crew" about your life in Miami or I will." Jonathan threatened. Des started to cry. I whipped my gun out on them without thinking twice.

"Get the fuck back or I'm gone kill every muthafucker in this bitch!" I snapped. They all held their hands up in surrender.

"Put the gun down Starr." King said softly.

"Please Starr." Des begged while still crying. Ray just held her in his chest. I just eyed the enemies, my gun still on them.

"Fuck that. They gone kill us anyway." I said eyeing Rhonda and Brandy.

"They got a gun!" I heard someone yell. Everybody started running in every direction. My mind was so gone that I didn't even notice Damon and Jonathan pulled their guns out. We started running with the big crowd until we all got lost in it. I was trying to unlock the window but the bitch wouldn't open. Before I knew it some behind me hit it with a baseball bat causing it to crack. It was Caleb.

"Crawl out!" He ordered. I did exactly what he said and he followed. We ran to my King's ride.

"What you waiting for?! Leave!" He snapped.

"My friends are still in there!" I panicked. I heard a couple of shots fire off. Damn I hope my team okay.


I swear I don't know where I'm at but the doors are crowded with people trying to run out. Before I knew it two loud shots went off. I covered my ears in horror. I gots to get out this bitch. Somebody started pushing me through the crowd. I looked back and saw Ray.

"Go baby!" He yelled. We pushed through the thick crowd and ended up outside. We took off to the truck. We saw Starr and that boy standing there together.

"Starr!" I called. She looked up from the ground.

"Boo you okay!" She said hugging me tightly. Ray and the boy exchanged some eye contact.

"Where my nigga at!" Ray blurted out. That's when we noticed King was here. I didn't even see King in the place! I was too busy trying to get out my damn self.

"Noooo. We got to go get my best friend!" Starr yelled. She ran her foolish ass right back in there!

Starr POV

I ran through the crowd trying to get back in. The building was more space now. I looked everywhere and couldn't see King.

"King!" I called.

"Starr!" I heard someone yell from a faint distance. All this running in these heels ain't gone get it. I took them off and carried them in my hand.

"King is that you!" I called running all through the building.

"Starr help me!" He yelled. This time he sounded so close. I ran through the last door and saw him lying on the floor in a pool of blood.

"King what they do to you!" I said kneeling down beside him trying to pick him up.

"They shot me in the shoulder!" He said holding his shoulder. I wrapped my arm around his neck and we ran up out that bitch with trails of his blood behind. To my surprise when we got out there Caleb was still there.

"What happened to him?!" Des panicked.

"Damn my nigga they got you!" Ray said. I pushed King in the back seat with Ray.

"Keep him calm." I said grabbing the keys out of King's pocket. I looked over at Caleb. He was looking all nervous and stuff.

"You aite?" I asked as I walked over the driver's side.

"Is you gone be okay? Do you need me to follow you?" He asked.

"You can if you like." I said hopping in the truck.

"Yea I'm gone be there! Drive safe!" He said. Without another word I swerved off in traffic trying to get to a doctor. I could hear King in the back groaning my name.

"Starrrrrrr. Hurrryyyy." He groaned.

"I'm trying King." I said pressing the accelerator harder. Des sat on the passenger side in total silence. This the most quietest she ever been. She probably still upset about Jonathan. I pulled up to the hospital door and let Ray and Des take him in so he could get a room. I pulled off looking for a park. Soon as I found one I pulled in like a bat out of hell. You got to do that in LA because niggas don't play. I just sat staring at the night sky. Lord dont let my best friend leave me so soon. I already lost my parents. Just the thought of seeing my daddy lying in the aisle in a pool of blood and my mom's burned body brought mad tears to my eyes. How could somebody take both of my parents from me?! I'm just 18! I need a mama and daddy too! Tears started running down my face like a waterfall. I been holding back too long! It's time to get back on it and let them niggas know who on top! They sleeping on King and Starr! They used to fear the two. Now they shooting at us. The streets if LA better watch out! It's a new Boonie and Clyde out!


"Doctor! Doctor! We need a doctor!" I yelled while trying to keep King up. He had all our clothes bloody. He was fainting away slowly.

"Don't you do that King!" Ray yelled. The nurses rolled a bed out and pushed King on it.

"Tell Starr keep my shit up! Don't let them niggas catch her slipping!" King yelled as they rolled him through the wide double doors. I fell down to my knees in tears. My cousin dude. That's my cousins blood trail all over the floor. That's fucked up. I felt hands wrap around my shoulders. I looked up and saw Ray in my blurry vision. Tears took over my sight causing it to be blurry.

"It's gone be okay." He said trying to get me up but I didn't budge. But he was too strong. He picked me up bridal style and carried me out the door. I couldn't fight him. I just lied my head in his neck and let him take me wherever.


I woke up in a bed with a oversized t shirt on. I looked around the room. It looked cozy but yet I felt uncomfortable. The walls were white with crown royal on the edges. And guess what. I looked up at the ceiling and saw a mirror that covered it completely. Where the fuck am I?! Is this some type of sex house or something?! I crawled out of bed and noticed I had no pants on. I'm glad the t shirt stopped at my knees. I opened the door and peeked into the long hallway.

"Hello." I called.

"Starr.....King........Ray." I called. I got no answer. I had a major head ache! Only thing I remember is going to a party and drinking my life away. Can you say hangover?! I walked out into the hallway and down the stairs.

"Heloooooo." I sang. I heard nothing. I reached the bottom of the staircase and walked into the living room and saw a sleeping Ray on the couch.

"Ray." I walked over and whispered in his ear.

"What Des?" He groaned never opening his eyes.

"What happened? Why am I here?" I panicked. He opened one eye and looked at me.

"What you mean what happened? You got drunk." He said sitting up and stretching.

"I know that but where is King and Starr? Why am I here?" I asked. He laughed a little. It's wired because I just noticed how beautiful his smile is.

"King got shot. I had to make sure Starr got home safe but that tall nigga watched her." Ray said kind of irritated by Caleb.

"Damn King." I mumbled.

"I know. I got to go see my homeboy today." Ray said standing up. I stood up also. He looked at my long tanned legs. It made me feel so uncomfortable. I could feel blood rushing to my cheeks.

"Stop that." I giggled.

"Stop what?" He laughed.

"Staring at me." I said pushing my hair behind my ear. He laughed and walked closer closing the space between us. I could feel his man hood all on me. He knew I felt it because he smirked.

"How you feel about going out for breakfast with me?" He asked.

"I'm feeling it." I said shyly. I ain't never been so uncomfortable around a nigga before in my life.

"Cool! I hope your moms don't be mad once I bring you home." He laughed. Shiiiiiiiit I forgot about her. She gone flip!

Starr POV

I woke in a pissed off mood. I hopped in the shower and got out. I put on a simple striped crop top, leggings, and my Jordan's. I put my hair in a messy ponytail. I put on my Gucci shades to hide my puffy eyes and threw my Gucci bag over my shoulder and headed out. I got to go see King. I decided to call Caleb while on my way there.

"Hello?" He said.

"What's up, B. Its Star." I said.

"Girl I was so worried about you. I thought something happened to you!" He panicked. If I wasn't in this situation I would have laughed at his nervous ass but I'm not in the mood.

"Naw I'm good. Just going to see King." I said. I placed my phone in the cup holder and put it on speaker. I ain't trying to end up in a early grave trying to talk to Caleb.

"Is he okay? How is he getting around?" He asked. I sighed.

"He straight I guess. I'm going to check on him." I said.

"Well talk to me later when you have time." He said.

"K." I said then hung up. I pulled up to the hospital and went in. The waiting room was crowded as hell! So many sad, sick, and depressed looking people. I walked to the front desk. A young but older looking woman spun around in her chair. Her long blonde hair was in a ponytail with a ribbon on top. She looked just like a little girl.

"Hello there pretty lady. How may I help you?" She said in her country accent. Her big full lips formed a smile.

"I need Brandon Jackson's room." I said. And yes King's real name is Brandon. He hate for people to call him that though. She typed on her computer and looked up at me with a smile.

"His room is 84B on the fifth floor." She said.

"Thank you." I said then walked off onto the elevator. The door was about to close but a hand stopped it just in time. I could have pulled my hair out until I was bald. Damon and Jonathan walked onto the elevator with devious smirks. I avoided eye contact with them.

"So Starr. My daughter." Damon laughed.

"Don't play! You ain't spit to me!" I snapped.

"Why you dissing me Starr? I thought we was better than that." Damon said.

"You?! I thought me and her could be in love like we used to." Jonathan said.

"Y'all lucky I ain't got my gun or I would kill both of you on the spot." I said calmly. The elevator doors opened.

"Bye boo." Jonathan said. The both walked off laughing leaving me there speechless. I stormed off the elevator and down the hall. I knocked on his door.

"Come in." He said. I walked in and closed the door behind me. I walked over and sat in the chair next to him.

"Sup baby girl." He smiled. I didn't return the smile. Jonathan and Damon pissed me off.

"Oh lord. What's wrong?" He asked.

"Did Damon and Jonathan come in here?" I asked. He looked confused.

"Naw why?" He asked.

"I just saw them on the elevator. King I swear in gone hurt a bitch before the week is up." I said.

"What they say to you?" He asked.

"Damon calling me his daughter. And Jonathan harassing me with words." I said. King just stared at me.

"Them some mark ass niggas." He said.

"Which one of them shot you King?" I said touching his womb. He flinched a little in pain.

"Sorry." I said.

"That nigga Jonathan shot me. He stood over me and shot me. They thought I was dead because they all took off running. But that nigga Jonathan shot me." He said getting angry all over again.

"This shit got me hot like fire!" I snapped.

"You know what you got to do Starr." King said.

"What's that?" I asked curiously.

"Kill them....all of them." He said. That ring through my head like a song you can't forget.


WHAAAAAAAAAT! King got shot :(

1. Des woke up in Ray's house #TeamDes&Ray

2. Caleb worried about Starr #TeamCaleb&Starr

3. Starr gone handle that shit for King #TeamKing&Starr

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