Chapter 25

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Starr POV

I stood there waiting on her to explain shit to me but nothing came out. She just fiddled with her zipper on her jacket.

"So the cat got your tongue now?" I asked.

"You don't know me." She said kind of snappy.

"Fuck you mean? I tried to be down with your black ass!" I snapped. I didn't mean to come off that hard.

"Calm down Starr." She said calmly as she rolled her eyes.

"What you trying to get at? I ain't got all day." I stated. She sighed loudly.

"I ain't no good girl." She said.

"I kind of figured that out from the gun wound and the prostitution." I laughed without any humor in it. She rolled her eyes.

"Yo Starr is you aite?" Caleb called from outside.

"You had that fuck boy listening to our conversation?!" Des snapped.

"No he was standing there waiting." I tried to explain. She squinted he eyes at me.

"Well I will talk to you later....alone." She brushed by me and walked out the door.





I was so glad when the bell rang to go home. I hopped up out my seat and dashed out the room and into the crowded halls.

"Starr!" Someone yelled. I turned around and saw Des.

"Hey." I said once she caught up with me.

"I can't go back home Starr." She said with hurt in her voice.

"Why not?"


"Because what?"

"Because I killed somebody. My mom won't be able to look at me no longer once she find out!" She had horror in her eyes. I really wasn't surprised but I was just a tad bit.

"Damon." I nodded.

"You're not shocked." She frowned.

"Naw not really." I admitted.

"Why the hell not?!" She snapped. We were not standing outside.

"Because you been strange all damn day, bitch. Plus you had the same type of gun they said Damon was shot with." I pointed at the gun in her pants. Des grabbed her head and screamed. Everybody turned and looked at us like we was crazy.

"Ahhhh! I hate this bullshit!" She screamed out.

"You ain't alone calm down I won't tell ....not even King." I promised. I wrapped my arms around her and let her cry on my shoulder.

"Do you have a ride home?" I continued to rub her back.

"I ain't going home." She stated.

"So what you gone do about your mom?" I asked. She cried more in my chest. I was relieved once I saw King rolling up on the spot.

"Come on King will take you somewhere." I pulled her towards the car and we got in.

"Why she crying?" King mouthed me. I just humped my shoulders and buckled up as we pulled off. I promised Des I wouldn't tell King and I won't.

"What's wrong Des?" King asked in a soft and calm voice.

"I'm scared." She cried out.

"Why?! Who threatened you?!" King instantly got overprotective.


I couldn't even bring myself to say anything more. I just wanted to cry all my worries away. I promised Ray I wouldn't tell no one and I went and told Starr. Now Starr know and she 'promised' not to tell. Man my black ass is going to jail. No doubt!

"Des." King looked at me through the rear view mirror. I was so deep in my thoughts I forgot he was talking to me.

"Yea." I tried to sound calmer. I could hear a crack in my voice from all the crying.

"Is you straight?" He asked.

"Yelp." I simply replied. It got quiet. The last time I cried this much I was lying on the ground in a pool of blood begging for a second chance on life. Now I feel like I should have just lied there until my vision got black. Why did Ray and I do that shit?! Damnnnnnnn! Then mommy's precious boyfriend raped me! He raped me! Nobody was there when he was stroking his disgusting fingers through my silk black hair! Nobody stopped him when he came into the bathroom with me! Nobody came in time enough to save me! Ray came too late. My body got sore just thinking about the past events. I whipped my phone out to text Ray

Me: Wea u at :'(

RayRay: The crib....y the sad face?!

Me: I wasn't feeling this day! I promise this is gone haunt me for the rest of my life!

RayRay: Keep calm. You ain't told nobody have you?

Me: Nope (lie)

RayRay: Cool I'm gone be here waiting for you

I pushed the phone back in my pocket and leaned my head back and sighed.

"Drop me off at Ray's crib." I broke the awkward silence.

"I got a question." King announced. Oh shit. This can't be good. Last time King had a question he wanted to announce he wanted to know whether of not his dad was once gay. I laughed slightly at that thought. King is crazy but I prepared myself for the foolishness about to come out his mouth.

"Did you and Ray kill Damon? If so y'all can tell us. It ain't like we gone turn y'all in." He said.

"It's not like-" Starr was about to say until I cut her off.

"Naw. I don't even know shat you talking about." I answered quickly and sternly. It was another long silence. I don't care though it need to be quiet. Too many questions being asked anyway. I was grateful once I saw Ray's house approaching. He stood outside shirtless sitting on the steps of his house. He stood up once the car pulled into his driveway. I saw King and Starr give each other a little eye contact. I wonder what all of that is about.

"Thank you King." I stepped out the truck and walked towards Ray. He held his arms open for me. Of course I ran into his arms.

Starr POV

We sat in the driveway staring at Ray and Des hug each other.

"You know those two fucked up right?" King looked over at me.

"Hell yea." I looked over at him.

"Them two is gone get all our asses locked up." King shook his head. Who?! Cause I ain't going to jail! I ain't kill nobody! I might have let it cross my mind a couple of times but I never did it.

"I miss my mom and dad." I said out the blue. King gave me a sympathetic look.

"You still got me." He wrapped me in his arms.

"I know but who doesn't want their parents around to guide them? I mean I had to raise myself for 18 years and still going! Its hard." I let a few tears fall. King wiped them away and kissed where they once were.

"I love you." He mumbled into my ear.

"I love you more." I forced a smile.

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