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Italy had woken up before everyone else.He was so happy. A few minutes later while everyone else was still asleep Hungary and Ukraine had arrived Italy had invited them in and told them to be extra quite. While they tiptoed to your room Ukraine had to hold on to her "knockers" so she wouldn't make any noises. Once they reached yoir room they asked Italy to turn around while they checked your bra size and everything else.

"_______ is the same size as me, I brought some of my clothes just in case she was close to my size. Germany told us to give her a bath. He had told China, but everyone just got mad for some reason. I'll go bring the clothes." Hungary said.

"Okay I'll look after her. Italy, since you know this house better than us, will you please bring towls and get the bath ready? Oh and can you call one of the guys over to take carry her to the bath? My boobies will get in the way, and Hungary will be getting the stuff. I'm going to take off her bandages you should go get everything ready. " Ukraine said.

"Sure thing Mrs. Ukraine." Italy said.

Once Italy left and Hungary arrived they removed your badages and where awestruck at the new and old scars you had, there where so many they just couldn't believe how many scars you had. Italy then knocks on America's door.

"America." Italy said as he opened the door.

"What is it?" America asked as he sat up. He yawned and stretched.

"Mrs. Hungary and Mrs. Ukraine where wondering if  you could carry _______ into the bath." Italy said. America's face turned many shades of red.

"Sure thing dude. " America said as he put on his glasses and slipper then walked to your room. Italy decided to go make breakfast for everyone since you where going to take a bath.

America saw your scars. He was mad and was wondering why would someone would do this to you. He managed to calm down once he picked you up bridal style.

☆Your POV☆

You had woken up but you really struggled to stay up you saw that someone was carrying you somewhere, you where scared out of your mind. You thought he was going to  hurt you. You tryed to escape but you where very weak. He then said " You don't have to worry, im not going to hurt you, my name is  Alfred, Alfred F. Jones. I'll explain everything that happened, later. You have a lot of cuts on yourself and you wouldn't want to get the cuts infected. I brought a couple friends over they'll help you take a bath." Something came over you and you decide to trust him.

As you where carried into the bathroom you saw two young ladys that looked very kind. They both kind of reminded you of your late 'mother'. Alfred told you they where nice so you basically trusted the them.

"Okay where should I set her down." Alfred said.

"On the chair please." Then girl with long chesnut brown hair said.

"Okay, ______, im going to set you down now these nice young ladies are here to help you. So don't worry." Alfred told you.

" How do you know my name?" You asked faintly. 

"I'll explain that later. Now just enjoy the bath. Kay?" Alfred said. You noded.

" I'll be outside if you need anything, you just have to call." He said as he left the room.

"Okay. Thank you." The girl with short whitish hair said.

She shuts the door softly behind Alfred.

"Would you like some help undressing? " The girl with the long brown hair said.

"No, thank you, I got it. " You replied politely.

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