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(A/N) I give you feels in this chapter. Little Pasta Peeps. You'll probably hate me later on. Anyway on with the story.

☆Sealand's POV☆

I looked at the review mirror. There was a car. Flipped over with a girl.....no it was aunt Alia trying to get someone out. Daddy, England, and France were running to her.


Alia kept pounding on the car's door that was flipped over. Most of the windows were broken because of the crash. Alia pounded on the door until the sides of her fists bled.

"Canada! " She kept crying. The car began bursting into flames. She managed to open the door but her body was burning from the flames. With a pocket knife Alia quickly cut Canada's seat belt off and tried dragging him out. Her slippers fell off and she accidentally stepped in the gasoline that caught on fire. She let out many painful yells. She carried the unconscious Canadian as far from the car as possible, but she didn't do it quickly enough.

Alia looked back at the flipped over car that was on fire. Blood dripped from her head, hands, and legs. She had burns all over her arms and feet. She quickly began to carry, more like drag, Canada faster. The car quickly blew up and Alia's back was burned, her whole back was burnt. The back of the blue dress she wore was singed, and her glasses were broken. With the last ounces of life she had left, she crawled to Canada. He was barely burned, but he was covered in blood and it looked like he was barely breathing.

"CANADA!" She cried as she tried to wake him up. There was the sound of a car screeching but she didn't dare to look back. She needed to wake him up. His face began to look more lifeless. Alia began to cry and yell more.

America, France, and England ran to her. France was astonished at the sight of all the burns and blood on both of his children.

Alia barely caught a glance at them as she passed out. Her head was resting on Canada's chest.

France didn't know what to do. Was this....all a horrible nightmare. He starred at the horrible sight. Tears ran down his face. He stood there everything was silent but there was a lot of commotion going on.

England held Alia in his arms begging her to wake up. America took out his phone and tried dialing but the sound of sirens where near.

Ambulances and cop cars had stopped all around the accident. People with gurneys quickly jumped out of the ambulances and got to Canada and Alia.

Alia was beginning to wake up with all the noise and commotion that was going on. She felt people lifting her on to the top of a gurney and she saw the same thing happening to Canada as well.

"Mr. America. Do you know what happened here?" A cop asked America.

"No. We arrived when the car had exploded. " America replied. The cop nodded and walked away. Many others investigated the car and fire trucks put out the flames.

"We need one person to accompany each of them." One of the nurses from the ambulance said.

"I'm going with Alia." America declared.

"Haven't you done enough. " France said as he hopped into the ambulance. "Just take care of Sealand and stay in a safe place. " The doors closed to both ambulances and they both drove off. England went with Canada. America quickly ran to the car.

"What happened daddy? " Sealand asked trying to see what was going on.

"Something very bad happened to your Aunt and Uncle. " America couldn't lie to Sealand. "We need to get to somewhere safe. Like the house with the others. "

"Why does everyone get hurt?" Sealand asked as he began to cry. "I want my Mummy back. " He wiped away his tears and whimpered.

America tried to comfort him. He got to the drivers seat and started the car. A cop approached him. " Is there a problem officer?" America asked.

"I just needed to say to be careful. There are many 2p's out there these days and word has it they'll be attacking countries to get what they want. Apparently the country of (c/n) is base and they're not letting _______ _______ talk to anyone. " The officer said in a whisper level hoping that Sealand could not hear them.

"Don't worry. I'll try to do what's best for everyone. " America said as he strapped on his seat belt.

"There's a meeting in Washington D.C. coming up soon as well. All of the state Representatives will be there with the President. I'm not sure what they will be talking about though. " The officer said as he adjusted his hat.

"How do you know all this information?" America asked.

"I worked for your sister. " The cop said. "Have a nice day." He walked away.

America started the car and drove around the accident. He looked at it through the review mirror. Tears flowed out of his eyes. He quickly drove back to the house where he knew Sealand would be safe.

Sealand remained silent throughout the car ride. He didn't know what to say or do. His heart was broken into pieces that might........not ever be fixed.

☆2p POV☆

The 2p's, _______, and the prince arrived to _______'s country. They all hoped off of the Helicopter with _______ still in Allen's arms.

"Let's go to the castle first." The snobby prince said as he jesterd them to follow him.

The castle was enormous and it was heavily guarded. They walked into the castle after many security checks.

The castle was as big inside as it was outside. "Cool." Allen said.

"I'll show you to ________'s room so you can put her down. Then we can have a little talk." The prince said as they all walked down the empty halls to ________'s. room.

The room was really big as well. It had a big wardrobe, a giant window that was in place of the wall, the bed was enormous, and there was a big piano close to the window.

Allen gently set _______ down and walked back to where the others were.

The prince closed the door. "Please follow me to the conference room. It'll just take a couple moments. " The prince said as he began to walk.

"Of course your Highness. " Oliver said following him a long with Allen and Matt.

They reached the conference room and they all sat down at a round table.

"I want to do something about the stupid big nations. I wish to keep this country from falling and be independent. " The prince said.

Oliver smirked. "I can help with that."

"But. I also want more land." The prince said with a devilish smirk on his face. "I know _______ wouldn't approve of it......so I'm keeping her like that until we conquer our first country."

Allen was shocked. He didn't want to keep ________ like that, but he did want what was best for her, and right now this is what is best in his point of view.

Oliver nodded. "Nice thinking. What country would you like to concur first? Your Highness. "

"I'm not sure." The prince said adjusting his crown.

"We can pick the name of a country out of a hat or something. " Matt said.

"Let's try it then." The prince said as he pulled out sheets of paper and began to write names on them. "Now we just need a hat." He exited the room but he came back very quickly with a British top hat.

He placed all the names in the hat and mixed them around. "You pick." The prince said as he slid the hat across the table to where Allen was sitting at.

Allen sighed and picked out a name. "The lucky winner is............."

(A/N) Cliff hanger! Muahahaha. Sorry It's feels Friday and I have to go through my own feels too. Thank you for reading this far. I hope you love this story so far.  Hasta La Pasta.

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