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(A/N) Ciao! I'm very sorry for the long wait. I've been busy with reality. ugh. I hate it. There are a lot and I mean a lot of errors in this story. I hardly ever proof read anything....so yeah. On with the story.

☆2p POV☆

☆TIME SKIP 10 am☆

Allen walked into your room and began to shake you.

"Doll face wake up. We'll be having guests soon and you need to get ready. " He said and began to shake you some more.

"Hmm?" You said as you woke up and rubbed your eyes after he stopped shaking you. "I'm up."

"Hurry up and get ready...we'll be having guests soon." he said.

"Who'll be here. " you asked.

"You'll see." He walked away and closed the door when he exited the room.

You got off the bed and fixed the sheets. Then you looked in the wardrobe for some clothes to wear. You found everything you needed and everything was just the right size. You set your clothes on the bed and walked to Allen's room.

"Allen? " You said softly knocking on his door. The door quickly flew open.

"What's wrong, doll face?" He asked as he leaned against the door frame.

"I was wondering if I could have a towl so I can take a shower. " You said politely.

"Oh fuck. Sorry I forgot. Right this way. " He said as he jestured you to follow him. on the side of the bathroom there was a small closet that had towls and sheets in it. "Help yourself." He said as he left and walked back to his room.

"Thank you. " You said softly as you grabbed two towls. You closed the door and slowly walked to the bathroom. You entered the bathroom and closed the door behind you, then you locked the door and got ready to take a shower. You turned the shower on and felt the water and stepped in till it was at your liking. After you finished you grabbed you grabbed your towl and wrapped it around yourself. You looked at the bath tub that was exactly like the one America had in his house. Tears rolled out of your eyes as you remembered them.

"I hope they're safe."you whimpered silently as you wiped your tears away and began to dry your hair. You walked out of the bathroom and quickly walked to your room to get dressed. As you finished getting dressed Allen barged in.

"Hey, our guests...." He stopped and blushed. You looked at him and your eyes sparkled. You where wearing a strapless (f/c) dress and a bow in your hair that matched with it.

"...are here" he said as he covered his face trying to hide his red face.

"Okay. I'm ready. " You said as you walked to the door. Allen walked to the living room and you followed him. As you stepped down the stairs you where astonished at the people who where sitting there on the couch. They looked like Canada and England but they weren't. It felt as if you had known them, not through knowing the countries, but it felt like you've known the three in some way besides that. You kept staring at them and lost your balance. Allen quickly catched you and the other two stood up.

"No way. Is it....really......her?" The man that looked similar to England asked Allen as he walked towards the two of you. Allen quickly helped you stand up.

Allen nodded,"I told you she was still alive. " Allen replied. The other man that looked like Canada quickly walked twords you.

"It can't be.....I thought she.....was..."The Canadian looking man said. Tears began to form the edges of their eyes. The British looking man hugged you tightly.

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