ⓒⓗⓐⓟⓣⓔⓡ 22 - The Sound of a Gun

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She put a serious look on her face. "Now if you'll excuse me. I have to go collect a soul." She grabbed a bottle and wrote a name on it. She felt like crying all of her tears just wanted to spill out, but she had to stay strong. Collecting souls was her job after all.

The job of a reaper.


She began to chant a spell. Small lights started surrounding her. As she was close to finishing the spell America quickly grabbed onto her arm and transported to _____'s country.

They arrived in a small forest close to where the fight was going down and where one country would soon......decease.

"What the hell! Why did you come along?!" Alia asked with a fury in her voice. America didn't answer. She quickly chanted another spell which trapped America in a small box and made it invisible. He could still see outside.

Alia quickly set her things down and began to walk to the small battle field with the small soul collecting bottle in her hand.

Yelling and useless gunshots got louder as she got closer.

The battle field wasn't big at all. The soviet union was on one side beaten down, passed out, bleeding, or trying to hold up a gun. Russia was hurt badly and couldn't stand at all. Estonia and Latvia were trying to clean the blood. Lithuania, Belarus, and Ukraine were the ones who were trying to fight.

On the other side of the battle field was a much smaller group. Mathieu and Allen were the only two fighting and they didn't have a single scratch. Behind them was the Prince, Oliver, and _____. Oliver and the Prince both held wicked smiles. ______, however, just stared at everyone, expressionless.

In a flash Lithuania and Belarus fell to the ground severally injured. Ukraine was the only one standing, still able to fight.

Alia got closer. The Prince made Allen and Mathieu stop fighting for a moment and he stepped forward.

"So I see you've arrived." The Prince said with a wicked smile waiting to pull a trick out of his sleeve.

"Why?" Alia asked.

"Why what?" The Prince said crossing his arms.

"Why are you doing this? What is the whole point of you trying to conquer the world? It's not going to happen." Alia said gripping the bottle knowing that she was wrong.

"I have a secret weapon. And don't tell me it's not possible. You bitch!" He said hitting her and knocking her to the ground.

Ukraine quickly shot the Prince. He didn't flinch or show any sign of pain as the bullet pierced through his skin.

He pulled the bullet out. "You should not have done that." He said throwing the bullet to the floor.

Alia tried getting up but the Prince quickly put her down by stomping on her back. She gasped at the pain.

"Hold her down." The Prince ordered Mathieu and Allen to hold Ukraine down to deliver the gun shot that would change the balance of everything.

Allen and Mathieu did as they were told. Ukraine had terror in her eyes. But she hung her head and softly smiled.

"I guess this is the end. I've always wondered what it would be like." Ukraine said. "Alia. Please do everything you can to protect everyone. " She said with tears in her eyes. She turned to ______. "It was nice knowing you. I hope you get your memories back."

Belarus tried getting up but Lithuania quickly held her back. Russia was still passed out.

"Big sister!!!!" Belarus yelled and cried. As the Prince pulled out the gun that could kill immortals.

Alia tried to get up and stop him but she couldn't move her arm to well.

"This is what happens when little girls don't behave." The Prince said getting closer to Ukraine.

Belarus screamed and cried begging for the Prince to kill her instead.

America was watching this whole time as well and he kept trying to break the box open but it was no use. His knuckles were bloody from trying to break the box.

The box was set with a timer to transport the box and her things back to his place and it slowly disappeared.

The Prince pointed the gun to her heart. Normally a country would still survive from the impact with a regular gun, but this gun had the special ability to kill immortals.

Ukraine held her head once more. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

The Prince put his finger on the trigger.

"I'm sorry for being weak. Please don't forget me." Ukraine said with tears trailing down her chin.

He steadied the gun and pulled the trigger.........


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