Chapter 39 - White Roses

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(Y/N) sat on the edge of the balcony swinging her feet and flapping her wings a bit. She felt really calm and watched Sealand and America walk around the garden. America left and Sealand stood under a gazebo looking up at the clouds.

(Y/N) flew to where he was and floated next to him trying to see the same thing that he was seeing.

Sealand took out his phone and began to try to call someone. No one ever answered however. He sighed and threw the phone across the garden.

(Y/N) went to go look at it and she saw that he had been trying to call Wy for the past 3 weeks but there wasn't a single answer or text. She took the phone to his room and set it on his bedside.

(Y/N) thought to herself. " I wonder why Wy hasn't answered at all."

She flew to see if she could hear any news and then tried to see if she could find Australia. The only thing was that they haven't answered calls either.

The rest of the countries thought that they were having meetings of their own and doing their own things for a while so many didn't bother to talk to Australia or NewZealand.

(Y/N) flew in through one of the windows and looked around the big mansion. She flew throughout the halls and finally found something.

There was a bed like thing in the center of the room and glass covered over it. (Like Snow White's casket) the glass was a little dusty so (y/n) wiped off the dust and saw it was Wy. Her hair wasn't tied up and she wore very fancy looking clothing.

Her skin was very pale and there wasn't the slightest warmth in her face.

(Y/N) quickly left to make sure that Sealand did not see her. (Y/N) didn't know what was wrong with Wy but she knew she had to make sure Sealand didn't see her in that state.

With a big flap of her wings (y/N) flew away and a single feather fell out of one of her wings and landed near Wy's casket. She began to fly really fast but slowed down after she reached The USA since she began to grow tired.

(Y/N) flew closer to the ground and stopped on top of a tall building. She staid there for a while and caught her breath. As she got up she noticed America's bomber jacket. Quickly she looked to see who he was waiting for outside of an apartment complex.

A beautiful lady came out. She was fairly short and looked like an itty bitty princes compared to America. She held onto his arm and they walked to the nearest movie theatre. They looked very happy together.

(Y/N) felt depressed. She felt a pain in her heart and began to get a little jealous. Her face got red but she quickly left again. As she flew she began to cry and wiped her tears away as she did so.

She began to think of what their future would be like together. A small pain began to grow in her left wing. It didn't want to flap correctly so she stopped and sat in a tree to see what was wrong.

On one of her feathers was a small black blotch. She was worried for a bit but ignored it and flew again.

(Y/N) continued watching over Sealand and America for many years. Eventually America and the other girl broke up but he got together with Belarus and they seemed to be very in love. Sealand was always quiet and never talked to anyone. For many years he staid in the house and did not see sunlight.

(Y/N)'s wings eventually turned full black. She didn't know what was wrong and she thought it was normal so she ignored it. There was only one small white feather left in her ginormous wings but it was very hard to find it. Her feathers began to fall of one by one and blood trailed down them.

She began to grow very pale and weak. As she flew to go back to America's house she began to feel extremely tired and eventually fell and landed in a white rose bush in America's garden.

The roses were as white as snow except for the ones around (y/n) they were a deep red color. It was the color of blood.

Now dear reader I know you my might have a question like "But she can't move anything or communicate so how is here blood able to be seen?" Well you'll find out all this in the next chapter. ^^

Tarif bien.

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