Cheater Hetalia x ReaderOne shot by SouseisekiShinku
Cheater Hetalia x ReaderOne shotby Jiyeonnie—★
Cheater hetalia x reader REQUEST IS .. OPEN?? IDK?
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Yandere! AI! America x Reader by Animetrash9000
Yandere! AI! America x Readerby I'm Just There Sup
Your company has made an awesome new AI! And lucky you, you're their guinea pig before they send this product out into the world! Now, met your new assistant, Alfred...
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Beyond the Crosshair (Hitman!Jones x Reader) by burgersnscones
Beyond the Crosshair (Hitman! Ronnie
After witnessing the horrible shooting of a high official from the underground, you are marked for death with your head prized at 10 million dollars. Contract killers fr...
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North American Bros One-Shots by SquishySnake
North American Bros One-Shotsby SquishySnake
Who are the North American duo? Why, America and Canada! This one-shot book is devoted just to them, so sit back, relax, and enjoy little scenes that I have created for...
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America x Reader x Cardverse!Alfred by PastryCup
America x Reader x Cardverse!Alfredby PastryCup
You were c/n, and you were America's best friend. You never knew America had a crush on you, also, you were an advanced magician. When the world meeting was over Americ...
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Hetalia x Reader ONESHOTS by Renren_L7
Hetalia x Reader ONESHOTSby Renren
A collection of my Hetalia x Reader oneshots! So far there are... PrussiaxReader (1 oneshot) JapanxReader (4 oneshots) AmericaxReader (3 oneshots) LuxembourgxReader (1 o...
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Shot Through the Heart by Dragonrider1404
Shot Through the Heartby Rose-Colored Glasses
Hitman!Jones x Badass!Reader x Assasin!Kirkland (Y/n) has quite the reputation. Hooking up with rich players and taking their money. But what happens when two of her ex...
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Bully! America x Bullied! Reader  by AlmightyDab
Bully! America x Bullied! Reader by AlmightyDab
You and Alfred were the best of friends since you two were kids. Eventually Middle School came and he starts to bully you. What happened to the old Alfred that you once...
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Pirate! Denmark x Reader- Raging Storm by bellaamarino
Pirate! Denmark x Reader- Raging bellaamarino
The British town of Birkenwood was a thriving town. While males went on adventures in boats out to the sea to fish or trade, females were expected to cook, stitch fabric...
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Hetalia x reader by ArtemisDoll
Hetalia x readerby Emily
Not taking requests presently maybe in the future
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Arachne!2p!AmericaxChubby!Reader by AssassinPsyche
Arachne!2p!AmericaxChubby!Readerby AssassinPsyche
In a world where supernatural creatures have come out to admit that they are real the government starts a unification program of humans taking in supernatural creatures...
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Obsessive!America x Reader : Selling Your Virginity by Post-Moe
Obsessive!America x Reader : Post-Moe
You are in debt and at your last resort : To sell your virginity.
  • alfredjones
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Camo Girl (Gauken Hetalia x Reader) by Star_skr
Camo Girl (Gauken Hetalia x Reader)by Maegan
Miss (y/n) Silver -A.K.A Quickfire Silver- was the youngest ever Army Captain. After being shot, she is sent back to highschool and continue her life as a 'normal' teena...
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Goodbye Cruel World (Hetalia x Reader) by BETHELthehetalian
Goodbye Cruel World (Hetalia x bethel
(y/n) (l/n) was always bullied. She had no friends and abusive parents. Her school system was even worse. One day after finding out her saving grace, Hetalia, she knew t...
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What's Going on!!!!?(America x reader) by _hetalia_lover
What's Going on!!!!?(America x Canada
What happens when you are late for school and bump into a cute boy, by the name of Alfred F. Jones [currently being revised and edited](I don't own any of these characte...
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hetalia Preferences by Wonderland_Shadow
hetalia Preferencesby sinful child
Yup, I'm sorry I'll do my best (if you want you can suggest a character)
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America X Dying! Soldier! Reader - Beneficial by MeowHime
America X Dying! Soldier! owo
"Was I useful..? Did I help win the war..?" Her voice was growing quieter and it became harder for Alfred to hold back his tears, yet he still managed to, if o...
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Meeting on Hamburger Street (America X Reader) by WaffleNeko
Meeting on Hamburger Street ( I n F l o r i d a
[COMPLETED] "A normal and fluffy fanfiction with the Hero." Or so you thought it was... Read about a story of fate, one with many adventures and twists that e...
  • hetalia
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The Years After {Summer cleaning Countdown 2} by AngelinaSmith590
The Years After {Summer cleaning Hedgehog Mom
Alfred is awake. He tries to live his old life but he realizes something just isn't right. Something in his life is missing. Alfred enrolls in the college of his dreams...
  • angst
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America x reader Lemon: Sunrise by Grell_Smutcliff
America x reader Lemon: Sunriseby Grell_Smutcliff
Hi I'm not dead also have a lame 600 word lemon
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