Chapter 42 - A Broken Heart and a New Friend

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Many weeks passed after that day and (y/n) had gained back everything she had lost all except her memory of course.

(Y/N), Hungary, and Ukraine still planned the surprise for America for his birthday, there was an urgent incident however that had occurred. So all the countries were called for a few meetings in a neighboring city and America and Hungary had no choice but to leave (y/n) on her own for a while.

Hungary knew she could handle it but America didn't want to leave her alone. In the end Hungary won of course.

~~your pov~~~

After everyone left I got out of my wheel chair and began to walk around a bit. Walking on my legs took some time to getting used to. I slowly began to get the hang of things so I went to America's room.

'I just want to get to know him's not like I like him or anything like that..' I thought as my face got hotter when I opened the door.

I was very surprised to see all the pictures of himself and his friends all over the walls as well as all the flags of the USA in his room there was also the flags of France, England, and Canada's as well.

Kept staring in aw because of how warm and welcoming his room felt. Then I accidentally slipped on something on the floor and fell onto his bed. Something fell out of one of the pillow cases.

It was a letter, and it was addressed to me. I opened it and took the papers out. The writing wasn't all that neat and there were a bunch if scribbles but I still thought it was cute he'd do such a thing.

The letter said:

'Dear (y/n),
Well I'm properly never going to give you this since I might be too embarrassed to even show you any of this but I love having you around and I think you are the most gorgeous person in the world. My life feels amazing when you're in it. When I first looked in your eyes and you could finally see into mine and I knew we had some sort of connection. I hope you feel the same way as well. Actually I bet you just think I'm just a fool or an idiot because of the way I act most of the time or something but I don't care. As long as you're happy then I'm happy as well. Hehe I don't know what to say anymore so yeah...I'll probably never give this to you though.'

I blushed a lot. "I can't believe he feels the same way." I said to myself.

I decided that I couldn't wait anymore to reveal to him that I regained back my ability to speak and walk.

I quickly put on a dress and some shoes. It looked like rain was going to be coming soon so I took an umbrella with me too. I closed the door and locked it behind me. Quickly I ran to the nearest subway platform and luckily I was just in time before the train had left.

Thanks to Hungary and the others I knew how to get around in trains and taxi cabs as well.

~~normal pov~~

Today was the day that all the countries got a free day off to get a view of the city but the weather wasn't so kind today.The city began to look dark and gloomy and small rain drops began to fall.

The train had finally reached a stop and (y/n) opened her umbrella as she stepped out of the roof of the subway. She looked around for the building where she thought America would be but no one was in there.

The rain fell harder but (y/n) kept looking for America with the letter firmly in her hand.


America was walking around the city with his red umbrella. It easily stood out from the crowd. He went to the nearest café since it was a tad bit chilly and he needed a coffee.

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