ⓒⓗⓐⓟⓣⓔⓡ 19 Spells Graves and Dissaperances

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(A/N) This is a long update. Please read the ending Authors Note. It is Important! Any who, on with the story.

☆Time Skip 3 Months☆

Everything was peaceful. Canada had woken up 1 month ago but he still had a bunch of scars. Alia, however, was still asleep. During this time everyone planed out battle attacks and other things in order to get _________ back.

Many Micro Nations grew up as well. Except for Sealand. He was also more quiet than everyone else. Longing to see his mummy. It's been probably over a year since all of that happened.

The 2ps were also getting ready to kidnap a country during this time. It was all part of there plan. They kept ________'s government down until they could find a way to clean out all of _______'s memories of being with the 1ps. The king, however, wanted more power and would stop at nothing to get it.

There was also another big surprise........


There was a meeting being held but not that many people attended. France was off in his own country visiting someone who meant a lot to him. England was traveling with Romania and Norway to find a spell decoder. Canada took care of Alia since he didn't like going to war much less violence.

In the middle of the meeting the doors bolted open. A loud Prussian and an angry Hungarian walked in.

"We're pregnant! " Prussia yelled happily. Hungary looked away and sighed.

"Prussia is a woman! ?" Italy asked Germany.

Germany sighed. "Nien, he means that Hungary is pregnant with a child that he helped to make."

Italy smiled. "Congratulations! " He said giving them a big hug.

"How many months are you? " Ukraine asked walking up to her.

"Around 3 or 4." Hungary said touching her tummy.

"It hardly looks like it. " Belarus said poking it.

"You better hope it doesn't look like Prussia." Russia said laughing. "That would be one very white baby. "

"More like a snowman. " America added. Hungary laughed with them.

"Did you guys plan it or what?" Denmark asked.

"Well we were married for a long time so I asked if we could and she said we might as well. " Prussia said putting his arm around Hungary's neck.

"What will you name it~aru." China asked.

"We're not sure yet. It will probably come to us later."Hungary smiled.


England, Romania, and Norway found the spell decoder they were looking for. It took a while, but it would all be worth it. They all made their way back to America's place. England was already decoding the spell on their way there.

Once they reached America's house they quickly went to the hospital where Alia was with Canada who was taking care of her.

There was a soft knock on the door. "Can we come in?" England asked like a true gentleman.

"It's open. " Canada said as he sat next to Alia.

The three stepped in with their spell books and other magical things.

"Are you two ready?" England asked as he set down everything on the table which was next to Alia's bed.

"For what?" Canada asked looking at all the things they'd brought in.

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