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Once you arrived at America's house England grabed your hand opend the front door and ran to his room to get the book. When he came back he put you in the middle of the living room and told you to relax. He turned off the lights and told everyone to get out. Then lit up 4 candles and put them around you.

"Okay close your eyes and relax while I enchant." England said as hs opened the book

"Okay." You said nervously. He started to enchant and you felt something kind of tickling your wounds. A few minutes passed and England was done.

"You can open your eyes know. " England said as he blew out the candles. You opend your eyes and not one single scratch or bruise was on you.

"This is so amazing. Thank you so much. How can I ever repay you." You said as you looked at your hands and legs with an amazed look on your face.

"No need to repay me love. Your happiness is just enough. " He said with a big smile. You couldn't stop smiling, everything that haunted you from your past had now gone away.

"We better get going now. We don't want to keep Ukraine and Hungary waiting. " England said as he put away his book and candles.

"Right!" You said as you both stepped out of the room. Everyone was awestruck that you didn't have any cuts or bruises on you.

"Wow Iggy! You suck at cooking but your awsome in magic. " America said.

"Don't call me that, you bloody wanker!" England said annoyed.

"Okay fine." America replied.

"Do you feel any better _______?" Germany asked as he studied your arms.

"I sure do!" You said happily

" That is so amazing~aru." China said fascinated.

"Hai. werr done Mr. England. " Japan said.

"Veh she's even more pretty than before! " Italy said as he hugged you tightly.

"Okay dudes and dudett let's go know." America said. " We don't want to keep Hungary and Ukraine waiting. "

"Da we should. " Russia replied. You got into the car feeling happier than ever. During the car ride you sat next to Germany, he started to talk about his older brother Prussia, and how much of a bother he was. Then Italy started to talk about his brother Romano, you couldn't help but laugh at some of his storys.

"Hey _______, can I play a song for you on my guitar. " Italy said as he set it on his lap.

"Of course I'd love to hear you play!" You replied with a big smile

" Yay. " Italy said. He began playing the guitar. Surprisingly he played the song that your 'parents' would always play for you. You started to cry. It reminded you of the good times you had with them.

"Bella why are you crying?" Italy asked as he stopped playing and looked at you.

"The song it reminds me so much about my late adoptive parents. " You said as you wiped away your tears.

"You were adopted? What happened to your real parents? if you don't mind me asking." Germany said with concern.

"No one knows, my adoptive parents found me in a field when I was little, and whenever we would do DNA exams nothing would come up. My adoptive parents died a while ago." You said sadly.

"_____, if you don't mind. After were done shopping could you tell us about your past. You don't have to if you don't want to. " America said.

"Sure, I don't mind, but I really dont remember anything before I was 5. " You replied.

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