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☆TIME SKIP☆ The next morning

☆Your POV☆

You woke up seeing bandages all over your arms, and feeling some on your head. "Am I in a hospital?" You asked your self as studied the bandages all over you. "It doesn't look like it though."

You looked at someone coming into the room. He had long, brown, hair and wore panda pj's.

"Good morning. How are you~aru. My name is Wang Yao. May I ask what your name is?" He said as he walked in and closed the door behind him. He looked like a nice man and you knew you could trust him.

"It's _________ _________. What happened?" You asked as you sat up slowly.

"I'm not sure but we found you hurt on the side walk and we where too far from the nearest hospital, so we helped you out here. " Yao replied as he touched the bandages on your arms gently.

"Thank you very much, but you didn't have to go through so much trouble." You said as you began to feel very dizzy. You tried not to, but you fainted.


"________! " China yelled as he quickly caught you before you fell off the bed. Everyone heard China yelling and they ran towards the room you were in.

"Is she okay?" America quickly asked as he ran to your side.

"I'm not sure. She just told me her name, thanked us, and just fainted. We should take her to get a physical exam once she awakens, she'll be okay for now~aru." China said as he laid you down gently.

"Yeah dude, I'll have ________ stay at my house for the time being, and then let her live here with me for as long as she needs. She seems like a nice person and she looks bad ass and hot ." America said happily. " A hero deserves a beautiful heroine!"

"Non. she shall live with me!" France said.

"HELL NO! YOU'LL JUST TAKE ADVANTAGE OF HER!" Everyone yelled in unison.

"No I won't. I would never do that to such a small girl!" He protested.

"She'll just have to live with me. She needs to be around a gentleman." Britain said.

"No she'll stay with me dudes! She's already here." America argued. Then everyone starts to break out fight on who you should stay with.

"THAT IS ENOUGH! I DECLARE A MEETING EVERYONE GO TO THE LIVING ROOM NOW!" Germany yelled as he pointed to the door. Everyone runs to the first floor. Germany looks at you and walks away slowly just to make sure you where going to be okay.


"When ______ has taken her physical examination she'll probably need a place to live. Let's get this meeting into order now, I belive ______ should stay with me, it shall be safe for her. I can protect her from anything that will hurt her." Germany said as he gave France a really evil glare.

"Well, we all know that she shouldn't stay with France. I think she should stay with me. I am a gentleman after all. I'll always take care of her." England said as he crossed his arms and leaned back against the sofa.

"No she'll stay with me." America complained "England's cooking will probably kill her and Germany will probably scare the poor thing. She should stay with me. I am the hero."

"No she shall stay with me~aru. " China said.

"Why?" America asked.

"Because I'm the oldest." China said. America got up and smacked him upside the head.

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