Chapter 37 - Grant Me This Wish

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(Y/N) let herself fall onto one of the couches. It was a lot to take in for one day. She began to weep and whimper over Sealand and everything else that had gone wrong because of her bad side...because of herself. "Why?" The question floated around in her head and taunted her. When (y/n) got her feelings back together she knew what to do and it was going to cause her a lot of pain and sorrow but she knew that it would be the best choice. You have to sacrifice many things for the ones you love all the time . No matter how big that sacrifice must be. Right?


Alia stepped back into the room and saw (y/n) sitting on one of the couches with sadness in her eyes.

"Have you made a choice?" Alia asked.

"Yes. " (y/n) said with a fake smile. She knew what she was about to do was going to be one of the most painful things that she could ever endure. It wasn't part of the choices but she hoped she could ask the globe for a certain request.

"Here." Alia said as she handed her the globe.

The globe was glowing and many things swirld inside it. (Y/N) looked closely and she saw 3 people hand in hand on a small hill near a beautiful lake. There was a tall blond man and a little blond boy. Next to them was a girl. They looked like a small cute family. Their faces started to become clearer. She noticed that it was America, Sealand, and herself. She covered her mouth and cried.

"C-can this wait until tomorrow?" (Y/N) asked handing Alia back the globe.

Alia nodded. "When you're ready the globe will reveal itself to you. For now get some rest."

(Y/N) nodded and headed back to where everyone else was. She quickly hugged America tightly and buried her face into his chest. America was a little surprised at everything that had been going on. He hugged her back of course and (y/n) began to cry and began to say she was sorry over and over again.

Alia pulled Wy and Seborga away to give them some alone time.

Daylight began to dissapear and everyone got situated into their own rooms. (y/n) and America shared a room together since that was there was only one left. They cuddled and talked then they both fell into a deep sleep.

It was around 3 am when (y/n) woke up. She felt like it was time to make the wish she needed to. She got off the bed and kissed America's forehead goodbye. Tears streamed down her face as she left the room. She followed a small light and she knew it was the globe.

The globe was floating in the middle of the room and she grabbed it. "What do I do know?" She asked.

"Make a wish..." The globe said faintly. The voice sounded a lot like Sealand's.

"Sealand?" (y/n) asked.

A small chibi figure of Sealand hovered above the globe. "Yes mummy. It's me. Please make a wish and don't leave me alone. My spirit is inside this globe and I'll be able to grant your wish." Sealand replied.

(y/n) nodded. "I - I wish..."

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