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Chapter 8 Part 2

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(A/N) Part 2. Hell Yeah! Sorry for the long wait.

As you as arrived you stepped  out of the car and looked at the enormous indoor water park.

You: Wow.

Sealand: The water park is so giant!

America: The inside is much bigger little dude.

Everyone else found a parking space and got out of their car. America grabbed the bags and you asked if he needed help with them, but he insisted on carrying them.

You walked along with America and Sealand held your hand, he was jumping with excitement. You met up with the rest of the countries at the entrance.

Austria: It's nice to see you again, _______.

You: It's nice to see you again Austria.

You gave him a big smile and he began to blush.

America: Okay dudes lets PARTY!

He opened the doors. The water park was bigger on the inside than it was on the outside, just like America said, but there was one problem, you didn't really know how to swim.

America: The changing rooms are over there on the left. There is no one here besides us so we don't have to wait to get on rides.

You: A-America.

America: Yeah dudette.

You: I.... don't really know how to........

Hungary interrupted your conversation.

Hungary: Let's go change _____!

America gave you your bag and she grabbed your wrist and dragged you to the changing rooms. Sealand went with Sweden and Finland to go change.


You finished changing and stepped outside, you wore the bikini that you bought at the mall not to long ago. You walked out slowly, while blushing deeply, you where embarrassed, you thought you showed to much skin.  America walked up and blushed while trying to speak to you.

America: Let's go on a ride together.

You: A-America I need to tell you something.

You began to blush with embarrassment, you where going to tell him that you couldn't swim.

America: What is it dudette?

Sealand came running twords you and hugged you.

Sealand: ______, can we go swimming in the pool.

He pointed at an enormous pool that looked to be very deep.

You: Umm, Okay.

He held your hand and you both walked to the pool, you felt nervous and uneasy, you didn't want to disappoint Sealand and not go in the pool.

As you reached the pool he canon balled right in. It let out a big splash and drops of water got on you.

Sealand: Jump in! The water is great.

You: Sealand.......

Sealand: Yeah.

You: .....I ....don't.....now how to.....

Prussia ran and grabbed you by the wrist then took you up to an enormous water slide, Sealand got out of the pool and followed you both, but he walked because he was wet.

Sealand: WAIT FOR ME!

You and Prussia where on the top of the water slide, at the bottom the pool was very deep. You grabbed onto the railing and you where catching your breath.

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