Chapter 45 - Tears of a Monotone Boy

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As (y/n) finished the song she quickly left to go check up on Sealand. She went down the halls and finally got to his door so she softly knocked and entered the room. Sealand was sitting on the bed hugging his knees and letting his tears flow down his cheeks making little wet spots on the shorts he wore.

"Is there something wrong?" (y/n) asked Sealand. 

"Where did you learn to play that song?" Sealand asked in a monotone voice.

"What song?" (y/n) asked. 

"Love's Sorrow." He paused. (A/N this is actually my favorite song. My mother and uncle used to always play it a lot so I basically grew up with it along with many other classical pieces as well. Just a little fun fact.)  "My mother used to play it all the time before she disappeared. I do not seem to remember her appearance well but I still remember everything about her through that song....Thank you." He said

"For what?" (y/n) asked. 

"For playing that song beautifully. It was played like my mother used to play it and I'd never thought I would be able to hear it that way again." Sealand said wiping away the tears on his cheeks and smiling. His eyes seemed to become a little less lifeless and he was a little happy for the moment he was able to hear the song once more.

"You're welcome. " She said. She was fascinated by his smile. It seemed as warm and as welcoming as America's as well.

"Would you like to go play the song together. I'm not sure how I played it the first time but I think I could manage to play it again." (y/n) said with a smile. 

Sealand smiled widely and nodded. 

They then went to the room and dusted off the rest of the piano. It took a while but they had fully managed to get it done. 

They played beautifully together and it was easy to tell that Sealand was slowly becoming happier and happier. When the song had ended he leaned his head back and took a deep breath in and smiled.

"That was fun." (y/n) said as she began to close it up.

"Yeah, it was." he said helping her. 

Later on they went outside to chat for a while and Sealand talked about his mother a lot and how kind and gentle she was. She was also very selfless and caring. He told (y/n) how she was always looking after him and his father since his father was a bit of a goofball as well.

"Can I ask you for a really big favor and tell you something that might sound a little strange?" Sealand asked. 

"Yes. Of course." (y/n) said.

"I was wondering if you could help me find my parents..." Sealand said with a face of embarrassment. "I know they're both alive and I also know that the many memories I have of them are somewhat fake."

"I'll help you of course, but how do you know they are alive." (y/n) asked. 

"There's a lady that appears whenever I sleep. She used to tell me things about how I needed to find them to...." He paused.

"To do what?" (y/n) asked.

"That's not important but I know I have to find them. They need my help with something and I know they will need it soon. The mysterious lady told me so and how it was a prophecy or something." Sealand said clenching his shirt near his heart.

"We'll find them together!" (y/n) said determined. 

"I think the hard part will be for them to remember me because it feels as though they have forgotten me. I don't know how to explain it but I get a feeling in my heart that I was forgotten by people very dear to me." He sighed. "But I thank you for what you are doing to help me."

"It's no problem at all....but where do we start looking for them?" She asked.

"Well I'm hoping the mysterious lady will appear again to talk to me but it doesn't happen too often. I guess all we need to do is be patient until then.." Sealand said. 

(y/n) nodded.  


It was a while before Canada came back home but he seemed to have caught a cold or something because he kept coughing. He took some medicine of course but it continued, it seemed to be a lot calmer however.

They all talked for a while and ate some food Canada had brought on his way back. It was starting to get dark so everyone went to bed early not only to sleep but to get some alone time to think and calm themselves down. 

Sealand put in his headphones and began to listen to some music and let his thoughts wander. Ukraine was knitting a very long scarf and hummed a lullaby she used to sing to Belarus and Russia when they were young. Canada was sound asleep since he felt very sick and tired. (y/n) looked out the big window and thought about everything and could not get her mind off america and how sealand looked so much like him. She sighed then went to sleep.

~~~Time Skip~~~

Canada's birthday soon came and they gave him a small surprise party thing with a small cake with maple in the batter for the cake itself and maple syrup frosting because why not. Each of them gave him a gift. Ukraine made him a long scarf with a maple leaf on it. Sealand gave him a new hockey stick made out of his favorite type of wood. (y/n) gave him a red jersey with a maple leaf in the front and his name and favorite number on the back.

The day went by smoothly and everyone had fun. Canada had also gotten a little  drunk and was forced to go to bed early before things got out of hand since he get's a little crazy after drinking too much.

As the sun began to rise something was different and only Sealand could feel it. He felt as if though something bad were to happen and it did...

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