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ⓒⓗⓐⓟⓣⓔⓡ 29 - Magic

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His vision was still a little bit off but he gained it back in seconds. His blue eyes began to water as he saw the painful sight that was in front of him. "Daddy!!!!" He yelled....


England rushed into the room along with Japan and Germany. England covered Sealand's eyes and told him not to worry and that everything would be okay. But would it really be?

Sealand was crying and a part of his face and little hands were covered in blood. All the other countries went to see what was going on. Everyone quickly helped out. Italy took care of Sealand so England could do some sort of magic spell to help out America.

England quickly enchanted a spell that cleaned and brought all the blood on the bed back into America's body. Italy cleaned off the blood on Sealand with a small wet towl.

Sealand stared at the floor. He had a lifeless expression on his face and a lifeless expression in his eyes. Italy was not sure on what to do even though he was very good at taking care of little kids like the micronations.

He went up to the room where England was to go talk to him. They talked for a while about the importance of all the micronations safety and other things like that. Italy suggested to take all the micronations and small, young, weak countries to an island where they could be gaurded by a couple of the more strong countries.

England agreed to it and talked to the others about it. They were all a bit surprised that Italy came up with a really good idea. They all aproved of it and called the other countries to imform them about what had happened and about the safety of the micro nations and small, young, weak countries. All the micronations and small countries agreed to it as well.

Everyone agreed to it and began to come up with which group of powerful strong countries would be first to take care of them. Each group would contain 5 or more people.

The Nordics were the ones to volunteer first. Everyone left imediatly to the island where they would be safe. They all stayed in the same house that had 28 rooms even though most of the miicronations would share rooms since they would most likely not want to be alone.

Sealand didn't talk to anyone. He didn't eat for a whie and he didn't make any eyecontact with anyone. Everyone was very worried about him and knew he was going through a lot. They all took turns talking to him but he wouldn't budge.

A lot of anger was built inside Sealand. He had so mutch hatred for the 2p's for taking away his mum and hurting his father. He began to come up with a plan. But he would need a lot of help. He began to orginize a plan. Overall it was great. Except for an obstical that would be waiting when he enters the castle.


At first the castle was calm for a while. There were lights coming from to of the rooms. The dungeon....and (y/n)'s room.

(Y/N) laid on her bed with her eyes wide open and they were glowing a bluish color.

She started seeing things. Horrible things. Countries in pain. Countries crying and Countries dying.

Tears came out of her eyes and dripped down her cheek.

In seconds an evil dark red cloud began to form around her.

It started whispering things in a hypnotic tone.

"You want this to happen." The dark red cloud said.

"No!" (Y/N) cried. "They're my family! I never want my family to get hurt!"

The red cloud laughed madly. "You will be the cause for all their deaths. You will obey what I say and do as I say. Is that understood?"

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