Chapter 40 - Have We Met Before?

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~~~America's Pov~~~

I got home after my date with Amelia. It was very pleasant. But I don't know if it is "true love" in a way she does complete me but I feel as if there is something missing.

I walked into the kitchen and looked for a coke then went to the patio to enjoy it outside. The flowers were supposed to bloom and who wouldn't want to miss that. I especially grew fond of the white roses that Amelia had helped me plant.

As I stepped outside there was a faint smell of something odd. I wasn't sure what to make of it so I looked around. As I walked around my hand brushed against something wet I looked and it was blood. I looked at where my hand had brushed and there was a young girl.

Her back was bleeding a lot and she had cuts from the thorns of the rose bush. I quickly picked her up scratching my hands up against the rose bush.

Her back was extremely bloody and blood dripped off of her making little baby puddles on the ground. I quickly ran to the car and put her in the back seat then I speeded through traffic and got to the hospital.

Japan was currently working there because he was viewing some of the doctors ways of working and developing new medical equipment with them.

I quickly ran her into the hospital and yelled for the nurses to quickly treat her. The nurse quickly brought a gurney and I set her down on it then they ran her down to the emergency room and got ready to stick up the wounds she had as well as put more blood into her system since she had lost so much.

I went to the restroom to wash away some of the blood. Luckily I was wearing my bomber jacket and every wiped off easily from it.

I paced around the hall outside of the room where they were treating the girl.

'Who was she? Where did she come from? What happened to her?'

These questions kept swirling around my head. I sighed and took out my phone. I quickly looked for someone to call to inform them that I had to cancel on the meeting. I called Germany.

"Hello? Germany?" I asked as the phone was answered.

"No this isa Italy Germany is currently running laps around the city. Is there something you needed~a" Italy replied.

"Yeah dude I just need you to tell him I won't be able to go to the following meetings this month because of an incident." I said. The doors opened and Japan walked out of the room wiping the sweat off his face. " I have to go now. I'll explain more some other time." I hung up and looked at Japan.

"How is she?" I asked.

Japan sighed. "She is arive but she can not see ol war ol speak. Not onry that but she has smarr blain damage and many cuts."

"Thank goodness she's alive. Thanks dude!" I said to him.

He nodded. "What is hel name? Whele is she flom?"

I shook my head. "I don't have a clue. I found her in my garden on top of a rose bush and quickly brought her here."

Japan sighed. "Thele is arso no known lecold ol DNA I sent to lun test duling opelation. We arso used new medicine so she wirr be able to wake up in a few minutes."

I nodded. "What room will she be in?" I asked quickly wanting to go so I could ask her some questions."

"She's in loom 993 just go down the next harr. I have to go visit patients I wirr see you rater Amelica sama" Japan said bowing.

I quickly ran to the room and knocked. Slowly I opened the door and she was laying down on the bed with her eyes closed as if she was embarrassing the sun rays coming in from the window as well as the small breeze.

When I opened the door I accidentally hit something and she got startled, hugged her pillow, shut her eyes tightly and began to tremble.

"I'm very sorry about that dudette. I didn't mean to scare you. I was just checking up on you." I said approaching her and trying to calm her down.

She slowly did then she tried sitting up.

Her eyes were very dull and she looked very sad her cheeks were stained from tears that she probably shed not so long ago.

I began to ask her many questions that was curious about, however, she shook her head. I could tell she had no idea where she was from or who she was. She hung her head a little and I could tell she was sad because she didn't know the answers.

I patted her head letting her know that it was okay but there was a sudden burst of energy going through my arm into my head. I saw something strangely odd. It was her and me at a water park.

My eyes widened and I looked at her again. "Have we met before?" I asked.

She gestured to me to come close and she felt my face then shook her head no in disappointment. I felt another small surge of energy and it was her again at my house talking with the rest of the countries and laughing as well.

I started to get freaked out but I felt like I knew her so I had to help her in any way that I could. I also had to figure out what was going on with all the visions. I stepped back and sat down not knowing what to say.

I looked at her arms and some of the cuts were slowly starting to fade. It was strangely odd for skin to regenerate that fast.

"Hey do you have anywhere to go after you're discharged from the hospital?" I asked.

She shook her head.

"Would you like to stay with me? I have a few friends that can help you through this and help you heal as well as get you to remember everything." I asked.

She gripped her blanket and slowly nodded. She mouthed the words thank you and smiled.

I couldn't help but to smile like an idiot.

A few hours later a nurse named Rory came in and said she'd be discharged in a few days and she would also be given therapy for walking and other things. I told him that I already had that covered and be nodded.

"What is her name?" He asked.

I panicked and tried making up something. "(Y/n)" I said.

"Alright then. You can leave if you'd like and come back to get her in a few days. We have to give her some medicines and things to help her." Nurse Rory said.

I nodded and said my goodbyes promising is be back as soon as possible. As I left I called all the girls I knew except for Amelia since she was on an fbi mission.

Most of them came a few minutes after I called. Hungary, Belarus, Ukraine, Seychelles, and Liechtenstein came.

I explained to them everything and they in a flash started doing what needed to be done after I described her to them.

Liechtenstein and Seychelles went to go shopping for clothes for her. Belarus went to go but bed sheets and everything else that (y/n) needed. After Belarus had arrived Hungary and Ukraine set up everything in the room and then rested.

Liechtenstein and Seychelles arrived not long after with many pieces of clothing then put them in the closet and arranged them by color.

At around 8:30 we sat in the living room and talked more about (y/n). Hungary volunteered to stay at my house to take care of (y/n) and well as everyone else. I didn't mind any of them staying since it was a big house but what would their brothers think?

I agreed to let them stay until all the meetings at my place for the month were done and then we would see were it would go from there.....

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