Chapter 41 - Happiness

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Normal POV

(Y/N) was discharged a few days later and was looking healthier and brighter. The reason being that America kept visiting her and kept trying to cheer her up.

Her dull eyes actually began to sparkle and she began to smile more.

When they got to the house the girls were waiting to introduce themselves. America had to carry both (Y/N) and the wheel chair at the same time.

When America finally set the wheelchair down he put (y/n) in it and began to push her into the house. (Y/N) sat with her hands on her lap and she twiddled her thumbs.

Once they got into the living room the girls quickly approached her.

"Hey now be gentle one at a time okay?" America said.

The girls nodded and introduced themselves. (A/N okay so I don't know their human names so we're just going to say their regular country name and pretend it's their actual name)

"We'll be keeping you company for a while and make sure your safe as well. I do hope we can all get along well." Liechtenstein shyly said.

(Y/N) nodded and mouthed the words thank you. They talked for a while and America sat next to (y/n) the whole time.

America felt some sort of happiness around her and was slowly falling for her.

Hungary elbowed Ukraine softly and whispered. "Don't you think they'd make a cute couple?"

Ukraine nodded and they both began to giggle.

"What's so funny?" America asked.

"Nothing. We were just talking about how cute you and (y/n) would be as a couple." Ukraine replied.

(Y/N) blushes madly as well as America.

"Awwwwww!" Everyone in the room said in unison which caused them to blush more.

After moments of giggling and laughing Hungary began suggesting a bath for (y/n) and what to make for dinner as well.

After that everyone began to help out the best they could. Ukraine helped (y/n) to take a bath, Liechtenstein helped to set up the table, America helped at cleaning and Hungary and Belarus made the dinner.


At the dinner table everyone sat down together and laughed and told stories as they ate. (Y/N) had a bit of trouble eating at first, because she was blind but later on she got the hang of it. America did help her a little.

After a while when everyone was done eating Belarus picked up the plates she accidentally dropped a fork so America tried to pick it up but while doing so he accidentally hit his head against (y/n)'s.

He gasped. "I'm so so sorry are you okay?"

(Y/N) smiled cutely and nodded. Hungary however was not pleased when it happened so she smacked him with a frying pan once (y/n) was taken to her room so she could rest and sleep.

After the rest of the girls went to bed America quickly snuck into (y/n) room and was hoping to wish her goodnight. She was already asleep however so he just kissed her forehead and went back to his room.


Everyone in the house woke up really early and started making breakfast, doing stuff around the house, as well as making calls to their siblings and leaders to handle foreign affairs.

It was 9:30 so Liechtenstein decided to wake (y/n) up. She walked to the room and knocked softly.

"I'm coming in okay." She said as she opened the door.

(Y/N) was sitting up and staring at her hands she rubbed her eyes every now and then.

"(Y/N) are you okay? Is something wrong? Do your hands or eyes hurt?" Liechtenstein asked slowly approaching her.

(Y/N) looked up and smiled then shook her head. She pointed at her eyes and blinked.

"Is there something in your eyes?" Liechtenstein asked.

(Y/N) shook her head.

"They do look a lot shinier." Liechtenstein then realized and gasped. "You can see???"

(Y/N) nodded with a smile.

"But how? The doctors said it would be at least a few years before you could begin to see again." Liechtenstein said.

(Y/N) shrugged.

"Come on we have to go show the others!" Liechtenstein said. She quickly helped (y/n) into her wheel chair and rushed her to the dining room.

"Everyone! (Y/N) can see again! She can see!" Liechtenstein said from the top of her voice so everyone could hear her.

"Really?" Everyone said in unison as they dropped everything and quickly went to (y/n). All the girls surrounded her and began to introduce themselves once more so (y/n) could remember by their faces.

After a bit America finally got the chance to tell if she could actually see. (Y/N) saw him and blushed softly. They stared into each other's eyes for a sec.

"Let's eat everyone!" Ukraine announced as she began to push (y/n) to the table.

Everyone ate but (y/n) and America kept stealing glances as one another. Every time their eyes met they would blush madly.


The day went on by really fast because of the fact that they all went out to show (y/n) everything. They saw flowers birds and many other things as well. They even met Romano along the way since he had to deliver a few things to Liechtenstein. Every time he spoke to (y/n) he blushed Madly and looked away to avoid eye contact.

(Y/N) gestured for Romano to come closer he did out of curiosity and (y/n) pulled his curl trying to set it down with the rest of his hair.

"Run!" America said carrying (y/n) princess style and Hungary carried the wheel chair back to the house.

America chuckled as he caught his breath. "Make sure you don't do that or else bad things will happen. Sorry I forgot to mention it."

(Y/N) nodded as America sat her down in the wheel chair.

"Well now that that's over with I'm going to go take a shower and probably get some sleep after." America said. "Oh I almost forgot! Hungary can you please take (y/n) to the hospital? I forgot I was supposed to take her for the therapy thing this morning. I'll head on over when I'm done showering."

Hungary nodded and took (y/n) to the hospital. Ukraine accompanied them and Belarus and Liechtenstein went to go check up on their brothers who were staying at fairly close hotels.

At the hospital the doctors checked everything and saw she had regained her eyesight.

"How fascinating!" One of the doctors said.

Another doctor began to say something. "Well miss (y/n), in the past few days we have developed a new type of serum that will help you to regain all your abilities back. We've used it on many people and they healed in a matter of weeks! It's perfectly safe but I have to get your permission first before I can inject it if you'd like me to?"

(Y/N) quickly nodded.

Nurse Rory brought the vaccination and one of the doctors injected it into her neck where it was supposed to be injected.

As the doctors and nurses left to go get release forms Ukraine and Hungary came up with a plan.

"Hey (y/n) we should keep this a secret between the three of us and on America's birthday we can surprise him!" Hungary suggested.

(Y/N) nodded with a smile.

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