Chapter 8 Part 1

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(A/N) I'm sorry it's been so long scince I last updated. I've been working on a different fan fics I hope I'll be able to publish those soon, anyway thank you for reading this far. I really hope you like it so far, okay let's go on with the story.


All the countrys had woken up and gotten ready for the pool party, well everyone except for you, Sealand and America.

Italy: Doitsu! Doitsu! have you seen _____?

Germany: Nein, I think she's still asleep with Sealand.

Italy runs to your room and he opens the door softly and he sees you, America and Sealand.

Italy: Veh, they all look so cute together.

He closed the door and ran back to Germany and the others.

Italy: Veh! Everyone come look at the cute family!

Prussia: Cute family?

Japan: Should I take a picture?

Italy: Yeah, come look.

Everyone followed Italy upstairs, silently he led them to your room.

England: What are we doing in front of _____'s room?

Italy: Look.

He opens the door slowly.

England: Hey! don't you know it's rude to go into a lady's room without knocking?

Once Italy fully opened the door the countrys saw the three of you sleeping together.

Italy: See, they look like a cute family.

Denmark: 'that should be me!'

Prussia: 'that f****n basterd!'

China: Take a picture~aru.

Russia: Da, we can't let this moment pass.

Japan: but....

England: Common Japan there's no harm done it's just a picture.

France: Hurry, before they wake up.

China: If you won't then I will~aru.

China grabs the camera and slowly tiptoes into your room and starts taking pictures.

Germany: I don't think this is a good idea.

Italy: Don't be such a poopy pants Germany.

Germany: I'm leaving if you get caught don't come crying to me.

England: If he gets caught he's going to do it anyway, I'm leaving to.

Japan: Hai I'm leaving to.

Prussia and Denmark: Me to.

France: Why are you 2 jealous?

Prussia and Denmark: No.

They both stormed off into their own room.

China: I think that's enough pictures~aru.

Russia: Da, let's go.

China walked out and Italy closed the door behind him.

China: Let's go print these pictures~aru.

France: We should give these pictures to everyone we know.

Russia: Da, it will be so much fun to look at their embarrassed faces.

They walked down the halls to look for America's computer and printer.

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