ⓒⓗⓐⓟⓣⓔⓡ 25 - Moonlit Night

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Previously :

"Meet me at the small bridge outside the castle around 12:00 AM. I will wait for however long I must. I hope you have received my flower. Please be careful.

Yours truly,


________'s eyes darted open. Her heart beat grew faster and stronger. She was very excited about this and she couldn't wait.

There was a soft knock on try the door. _______ quickly head the letter in her pillow case.

She cleared her throat. "Come in." She said fixing the straps on her dress.

Oliver stepped in slowly. "Did you eat the cupcakes poppet? "

She lied and nodded.

"Alright. I'll be leaving town for a while and I'll be back tomorrow. Allen and Mathieu will be the only ones staying. The Prince will be leaving with me." Oliver said straightening his bow tie because bowties are cool. 

"May I ask where Allen and Mathieu are?" _______ asked.

"Mathieu is in his room and I don't know where Allen is at all." Oliver said bowing politely and making his way to the door.

"Thank you. Please come home safely." She said as Oliver closed the door behind himself.


As Oliver was in the hallway walking towards the stairs he knew ________ was lying and he had a trick up his sleeve, but it would have to wait till he got back.

________ sat down on her bed and read the note over and over again. She couldn't wait. She slowly fell to sleep until it was around 11 o'clock and her eyes fluttered open.

She quickly looked at the clock and hoping she didn't sleep past the correct time.

Before trying to leave she quickly checked in Mathieu's room and made sure he was sleeping.

Then she checked in Allen's room. He was also sleeping as well. Or so she thought.

_______ quickly stepped out of the castle knowing it was an hour to early but she wanted answers. She wanted to be saved and happy.

There wasn't a single flashlight to guide her through to the bridge. The only thing she relied on was the moonlight.

She reached the bridge. It looked to be very old but very stable and beautiful.

Slowly, she stepped on and waited while watching the beautiful bright moon.

The wind softly blew through her (h/l) (h/c) hair as her (e/c) orbs reflected the moon's beauty.

She slowly closed her eyes and enjoyed the soft breeze.


There was a soft creaking on one of the boards of the bridge. She quickly turned to where the sound was coming from.

A young man stood there. He was fairly tall, blond, he wore glasses, and a bomber jacket as well above his uniform.

He had a cowlick and ocean blue eyes that shimmered in the moonlit night.

_______ looked at him not knowing what expression to show on her face. She blushed a bit.

America looked at her with tears of joy in his eyes. "I'm so glad you're safe." He said holding out his arms for a hug.

She quickly ran into his arms and started to cry. "I don't remember anything. The only thing I had to hold onto for a memory was your smile. " She said burying her face in his shirt. 

America wiped away her tears and slowly leaned in and kissed her. She softly kissed back with her soft lips and blushed.

More memories came back. As they pulled apart from the kiss to breath she slowly remembered someone else.

"What's wrong? " America asked looking into her eyes.

"Did we...have a son?" She asked remembering a small young boy who looked slot like him but with bigger eyebrows.

"Yes. We adopted him and he's waiting for you to come home soon. " America said putting back her hair.

"Wait so were we married?" She asked with curiosity.

He blushed. "No. But I was hoping to get there soon." He said scratching the back of his neck.

She blushed deeply as well.

"Come with me. I am currently using a spell which will teleport me back any time soon. " America said checking his watch.

"I have to stay. As much as I want to go I have to stay. War will break out if they find out that I'm gone." She replied with sadness in her voice.

"I will find a way to get you out of here. I promise I will. " He said hugging her as the spell slowly began to wear out. He slowly kissed her one last time.

Then there was a sound of a gun click behind America's head......


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