Chapter 43 - Ice Skates and a Sprained Ankle

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Morning came and (y/n) woke up to the sight of a small bear next to her. She yelled and fell off the bed.

Canada came rushing in. "What's wrong?!" He said as he kicked the door open.

(y/n) pointed at the white bear on her bed.

Canada calmed down. "I'm terribly sorry about that." He said hugging the white bear. "This is my pet. His name is Kumajiro. He wouldn't hurt anyone. I guess he just wanted to see what you look like."

(Y/N) sighed in relief and stood up. "I'm really sorry for screaming." She said as she stood up and walked to where they were.

"It's alright!" Canada said with a big smile.

(Y/N) petted Kumajiro. "Wow! His fur is amazing soft and warm."

"Yep!" Canada giggled. "I've made breakfast so why don't you come downstairs."

(Y/N) nodded. "How heavy is Kumajiro? He looks really light."

Canada giggled again. "He's actually really heavy. I'd let you carry him but he even gets to heavy for me sometimes."

"Oh. Then will you get even more tired if I do this!" (Y/N) said as she jumped onto Canada's back.

"I'm not tired at all." He said as he put Kumajiro down and put a smirk on his face. "Hold on tight!" Canada said as he began to run around the halls of his ginormous mansion. He then got on a skateboard and began to do a lot of tricks. He had never had that much fun until he had met (y/n).

They finally got to the kitchen and were still laughing extremely hard. Ukraine looked at them with a big smile on her face.

"Yes! I'm gonna make sure they become a couple!" Ukraine thought to herself.

They sat down at the table together and began to eat. Everyone finished eating quickly and Hungary did the dishes.

"I have to run a few errands. I'll be back in time for dinner probably. Call me if there is an emergency." Ukraine said as she put on her shoes grabbed her coat and purse and walked out the door.

"What would you like to do?" Canada asked.

"I'm not sure. Whatever you want is fine with me." (Y/N) said.

"Hmmmm. We can go ice skating!" Canada said with excitement as he stood up.

(Y/N) blushed in embarrassment. "I don't know how to." She said quietly.

"I can teach you!" Canada said.

(Y/N) nodded.

They went to go get dressed in their sweaters and fuzzy things since they were going to an ice skating rink.

They were in the car for a while and then (y/n) realized she had forgotten her jacket.

"Aww no!" She said.

"What's wrong?" Canada asked looking at her quickly.

"I forgot my jacket." She said feeling a little stupid and she hid her face.

"You can use mine if you want." Canada said as he began to park.

"But won't you get cold?" (Y/N) asked.

"Nope. I'm used to it plus I also have a sweater in the back of the car." Canada said as he retrieved the sweater and took his jacket off.

(Y/N) put it on and it was extremely big on her.

"Wow. It's so warm! Thank you." (y/n) said.

Canada nodded and they began to walk into the ice skating rink. They checked in and got there ice skating shoes. (y/n) had a little trouble putting them on so Canada had to help her out a lot.

When they went into the rink (y/n) could barely stand up on the ice skates. She would have fallen several times if it wasn't for Canada. (Y/N) started to get a little tired and every one else in the rink left so she sat down for a while and then Canada showed her a few tricks. She was fascinated at how many things he could do. He began to skate to where she was.

"Wow that was amazing!!!" (y/n) said clapping. "Where did you learn all that?"

Canada softly giggled. "I actually play a lot of hockey and before when I was a lot younger I used to figure skate, that was a very long time ago, however." He said as he blushed a little.

"You're so amazing Mathew! I wish I could do the things you do. " She said trying to stand up."

"Would you like to go back now? I believe Ukraine should be home by now." Canada said.

"Sure let's go." (y/n) said.

"Let me take off your skates." Canada said as he finished taking his off.

"Sure thank you." (y/n) said as he began to take them off.

"Hey your ankle is swollen.Why didn't you say anything?" Canada asked as he examined it more.

"We were having a lot of fun and I was too shy to say anything." (y/n) said.

"It looks like it will heal in a few days. Just don't put any pressure on it. Let me take the skates back so I can give you a piggy back ride back to the car." He said as he went to go do so.

After going back Canada decided to carry her princess style instead since it would be a lot easier. As they got into the car and drove back home (y/n) fell asleep.
Canada carried her in the house and laid her down on the couch.

"What did you two do all day?" Ukraine asked walking into the living room.

"We went ice skating and she sprained her ankle. " Canada sighed. "It's going to be at least a week before she can use that foot again. Do you mind getting the wrap band aids while I get some ice?"

"Sure. " Ukraine said as she made her way to the restroom where the bandages were.

Canada began to wrap her ankle with the bandages and then proceeded to put some ice on it.

He then went to the closet and grabbed a small blanket to put on her as she slept.

"Knock if you need anything. I'll be asleep." Canada said aww he walked to his room.

"Alright." Ukraine said. "I'm going to hire a masseuse to come to massage my back and shoulders, so I'm sorry if there's any noise."

"Don't worry about it. I'm a heavy sleeper anyway and so is (y/n)." He giggled.

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