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(A/N) This is still HC POV.

☆TIME SKIP 15 min☆

As France was sleeping he kept tossing and turning then he turned to his left and felt something. He opened his eyes and saw you sleeping.

"Why is ______ here?" France said as he poked your face.

"Hmm?" You mumbled as you slowly opened your eyes.

"Nothing, sorry for waking you." France said blushing.

"S' okay." You said as you went back to sleep and huddled closer to France. He blushed more.

' I wonder why she looks so sad when she's asleep?' France thought as he saw you shivering because it was cold. He pulled the covers all the way up to your shoulders and hugged you to keep you warm. Then you both drifted off into a deep sleep.


It was already 9 am and the countrys where looking for you. You were still asleep next to France but no one knew.  The rest of the countrys looked everywhere for you they knoked on all the bathroom doors, checked in your room, and outside of America's house and they still couldn't find you.

"Where could she be~aru?" China asked as he sat down.

Da, we've looked everywhere for her where could she be?" Russia asked with a worried expression.

"Veh, I haven't seen big brother France either. " Italy said.

" Let's see if he knows anything. " Germany said with a pissed off look.

"Right, lets go." America said with a really aggressive tone in his voice. America began to run to France's room with England following close behind. He swings the door open.

America quickly kicked the door open. "Hey France! have you seen...." America saw you and France sleeping together. He was so pissed off he just wanted to kill France right then and there.

You both wake up to the sound of him screaming. America then ran to your side and pulled you away as quickly as he could. Then the other countrys saw what happened. America then held you in his arms.

"______ are you okay? What happened? Did he do anything to you? " America asked as he examined you.

You rubbed your eyes. "No, I'm fine."

"YOU F****N FROG IM GOING TO KILL YOU FOR WHAT YOU DID TO _______!!!!!" England said with fire coming out of his eyes.

"Stop, he didn't do anything. I was going to ask him something yesterday and he wasn't in his room so I sat on his bed and waited, and I guess I might have accidentally fallen asleep. I'm sorry for making you all worry." You said as you pulled away from America.

"It's okay we thought that something horrible happened to you I'm glad just glad you're safe but you should be more careful around France he's a huge pervert. " America said as he patted you gently on the head.

[(A/N) No offense to French people.]

"Hey!" France argued.

"YOU KNOW IT'S TRUE!" Everyone yelled in unison.

"______ are you hungry? I made some breakfast, it's really good. Would you like to try some?" Italy asked.

"Okay, but after I would really like to take a bath after." You said as politely as possible. You, America and France walked to the kitchen. The others already ate so they took showers and got ready.

"Hey _____, I forgot to ask, do you want to come to a world conference meeting with us? I thought it was next week but its today at 3:30. You'll get to see Ukraine, Hungary,  Belarus, and Lichtenstein again and you can meet many new countrys too." America asked happily as you three walked down the halls. 

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