2p Hetalia X Reader Their World by America4life02
2p Hetalia X Reader Their Worldby America4life02
(Readers) 2p is free and loose. In a attept to stop her, (Reader) sends her to the 2ps world. how will she get back and will she make amends with the 2ps that she had fa...
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1p & 2p hetalia x reader: when worlds collide by liveanimelove
1p & 2p hetalia x reader: when wor...by liveanimelove
(name) had always heard people talking about how murderous and insane the 2ps where but never believed it. The 1ps always told her to forget about them and how they are...
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Wendigo 2p Canada x reader by zhe3awesome3prussia
Wendigo 2p Canada x readerby Prussia & Kay
When a snowy Camping trip with some friends and your crush gets Interrupted by horror stories you friend decided to scare you more with a story about the very camp you w...
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2p Hetalia x reader oneshots  by astronomicstar
2p Hetalia x reader oneshots by ♡Astro♡
you already know how this works
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Loving the World (Hetalia Boyfriend Scenarios) by NecessaryCringe
Loving the World (Hetalia Boyfrien...by NecessaryCringe
Well would you look at that, it's another Hetalia Boyfriend Scenario book... Lemme tell you, we have a heck of a lot of characters here. This book contains a fair amount...
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2p Hetalia One Shots by sydann11
2p Hetalia One Shotsby Miss Grimdark
One shots for the 2p Hetalia characters! I hope you enjoy! Sorry but requests are closed {Copyright stuff: I do not own 2p Hetalia or you. I don't own the pictures eith...
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New Units - 2p!Hetalia x Reader by RoseFiammotta
New Units - 2p!Hetalia x Readerby RoseFiammotta
She really thought it was just going to be a small package or maybe even a small box, but she really didn't expect two life changing crates... 2p!Hetalia X Reader Cover...
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Hetalia x reader!! ❤️ by ginkohmy
Hetalia x reader!! ❤️by call me senpai
So this'll basically be a jumble of one-shots that I put together. I'll do 2P!, Nyotalia, songfics, and any other AU you people want. Anyways, I hope you enjoy it!
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2ptalia; Scenarios  by -kurohonda
2ptalia; Scenarios by 🍶₊˚.
henlo yes this is a good book on my au of 2ptalia hh there will be a sequel :D HIGHEST RANK: #48 in HUMOR
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The fine line. (Male! Yandere x reader) by Hailey-chan
The fine line. (Male! Yandere x re...by Hails
"Determination becomes obsession and then it becomes all that matters." You can request anything, yandere! x reader x yandere! or just yandere! x reader. R...
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2p!America x Reader-Vanilla by Dina-soar
2p!America x Reader-Vanillaby Mexico
"Well (F/n), that high key-" Al pointed towards the humping bunnies. "-could be us." "No, Al! Stop, we are having a serious discussion!" It...
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For the love of a 2p(2p hetalia x reader) by Potatox_
For the love of a 2p(2p hetalia x...by Potatoxx
Ok so your an ordinary girl in an average world but what will happen when you move schools? Well you move to the 2p hetalia high to be exact. What's to expect at this ne...
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Hetalia x Child!Reader by Urlandaf
Hetalia x Child!Readerby Ellimac
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ƖƝ ƬӇЄ ƊƛƦƘƝЄƧƧ (Original!Yandere!Hetalia x Reader ) by ADeadStarsShine
ƖƝ ƬӇЄ ƊƛƦƘƝЄƧƧ (Original!Yandere...by - ̗̀❀ мoмιjι ❀ ̖́-
EXCERPTS FROM THE STORIES: 2p Japan: "Don't worry, Sakura... You'll grow plenty used to it~" General!America: "Hey now (Y/n)... don't make a fuss....&qu...
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Nowhere Girl (1p!HetaOni x Gender Neutral!Reader x 2p!HetaOni) by Burple560
Nowhere Girl (1p!HetaOni x Gender...by Maddie
There is no reset button in life. You can't take anything back, nor can you undo it. All of your actions have consequences, and all the things you say and do will have a...
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For Eternity (Vampire! 2p! Italy x Reader) by DreamsForDays313
For Eternity (Vampire! 2p! Italy x...by never noticed
Vampire! 2p! Italy x Reader Life isn't horrible for you and the part of humanity that you live with, but it's not great either. With vampires ruling the world, things co...
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Opposites by Anime_4_life5
Oppositesby Anime_4_life5
Somehow the 2p Axis and Allies were pulled from their world, being sent to a far away dimension. In this dimension they find opposites of themselves. Both sides have to...
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HERO? (Hetalia x Reader x 2p!Hetalia) by Awesome_Kuga
HERO? (Hetalia x Reader x 2p!Hetal...by Kugaaa
Just read the story. I cant explain it actually. It will not fit the storyline. Read da story if ye wanna know what it is~!!! It consists of hetalia charas, 2p! Hetalia...
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Love Is Strange 2p England x Reader by bandsbooksandanime
Love Is Strange 2p England x Readerby high-key deactivated
A new bakery has opened its doors in your town. It is pink and blue like cotton candy, and it's goods are to die for. Triggers: gore, kidnapping, death
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Who knew? (2P Hetalia x Male Reader) by PolarBearPancake
Who knew? (2P Hetalia x Male Reade...by Maddie
"All I wanted was to go to high school and get good grades.. Now look at me.." The teenage male know as [Y/N] says to himself. He was walking to classroom A-34...
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