Chapter 38 - Remeber Me

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(Important authors note at end.)

(Y/N) nodded. " I wish to become a guardian angel for the countries and for everything to turn back to normal." She said as she held the orb close to her face in order to make the wish come true.

"No!!" A masculine voice said trying to catch it's breath. It was America. "There's other ways to solve this! Please don't leave me! I can't loose you! Not again...." America said as he began to shed tears and walk a few inches closer to her.

(Y/n) looked at him with tears in her eyes she held the globe close to her chest. "I'm sorry America. I love you too much to not do this for you."

"Then don't love me!!! Hate me with all your heart!!! Please just continue living! I'm begging you!!" America said falling to the floor and weeping like a baby.

(Y/N) set the globe aside. She hugged America.

"Risking your life isn't the answer. We can solve this together. Please just stay with me. Please. I need you (y/n)." America said.

"You know I have to do this America." (Y/N) said hugging him tighter. "Please remember me."

(Y/n) pulled away, slipped something into his pocket, and quickly kissed the globe. Lights began to fly everywhere and surrounded (y/n). In an instant the world was surrounded by a bright light as well.

(Y/n)'s 2p was locked in the depths of the universe. All the countries and their children returned to their own homes the earth continued to spin as if nothing had happened.

Many of the countries immediately called each other after walking up. It took many days for America to wake up, however. Sealand took care of him while he was recovering.

America's jacket was torn and dirty so he took it off of him and set it aside. Two letters fell out of it.

One was titled To: Sealand and the other To: America.

Sealand put it in his pocket. He didn't recognize the hand writing and took care of America.

Next to america's bedside was something invisible. It was (y/n). She looked the same however she had beautiful big white angel wings accessorized with pearls and lace. She was very beautiful and bright.

She watched the two of them but she felt sad that she couldn't ever communicate with them. She new Sealand had forgotten about her but she was still waiting to see if America had as well.

She made a deal with herself that if both of them had forgotten she would make the notes disappear and she would not try to make them remember about her ever.

Sealand sat down on the couch and watched tv. The door opened and England and Canada walked in. England casted a spell and America woke up with a small head ache.

"What are you two doing here? We don't have a meeting for another two weeks." America said sitting up.

The three continued talking for a while.

(Y/N) flew away from where she was and made the notes disappear. She knew America wouldn't remember her so she wanted to do what was best.

"You made the right choice." A voice said behind her. (Y/N) turned around. Alia was the one that said that. (Y/N) looked at the three.

"You really think so?" (Y/N) looked at them.

Alia nodded. "Maybe one day you both will be able to be together again. The chances are very slim however."

"I understand." (Y/N) said.

"I must warn you. When you start to not fulfill your duties as a guardian you wings will turn pitch black and may even fall off. If they do fall off you'll fall and you can't ever be a guardian you'll bring bad luck and put America's and Sealand's life in danger." Alia explained.

"Don't worry. I'll never leave them. I'll take care of them no matter what." (Y/n) answered but Alia was already gone.


"It's a shame." Alia said in the tardis talking to seborga.

"What is?" Seborga asked.

"(Y/N) wings there so white but they'll soon begin to turn black." Alia said sadly.

"Why do you say that." Seborga replied.

"America is going to eventually fall in love again and it's going to be hard for her to protect him when she sees him with another country." Alia said. "All angles fall one way or another. I didn't even tell her about that option so I wonder how she even found out."

"She probably made the option herself. She's really powerful after all. Dangerously powerful." Seborga said. "All we can do for now is wait and see what happens."

Alia nodded and they set off into the future.

To Be Continued....

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