ⓒⓗⓐⓟⓣⓔⓡ 28 - Forbidden Spells

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Alia enchanted the spell, however, something went horribly wrong......


(Y/N)'s eyes began to glow as well as Alia's. (Y/N) payed the price that was needed to be payed. Her body floated up into the air and levitated for a while.

A small winged-like being descended from the clouds and floated infront of (Y/N). With a small wand that it carried in its hand it began to say things.

Alia was not able to hear any of it...but there were more problems to be faced now that she was a full fleged reaper.

The winged creature began casting a spell. Alia listened clostley to what he was saying and she quickly stopped him.

"WAIT STOP!!!!!" She cried out. The winged creature finished the spell and it floated down to where she was.

"Why do you say stop if that is the price that needed to be paid?" The winged creature said with a sat tone in his voice.

"The price?" Alia asked.

"As the old rule says....'One shall forget and start her life over. Each memory shall be wiped away and in the future shall bare the pain of loss'" The winged creature said.

Alia looked down in despair. She couldn't do anything about it.....

"Please keep her safe. The person you saved shall go through the same thing again in the future if they ever meet up again. Both their lives will be in danger. The future does not look great for anyone. Especially you ma'am." The winged creature flew away before Alia could ask any questions.

(Y/N) was slowely set to the ground. Alia looked to see if she was okay. Everything was fine except that she began to look younger and her body was becoming transparent. Alia knew what was going to happen. She stepped back and walked away. (Y/N)'s body had teleported to a diffrent place. Alia began to cast a cloaking spell, She hid all of (Y/N)'s islands and territories.

After everything was done she quickly left. The madness swirld inside her just screaming and begging to come out. She managed to control it but the magic was also making her mad as well. Every word of encantation she could hear. Every scream of pain she could hear.

She teleported out of the (Y/N)'s island and quickly went home.


Allen made it to the dungeon. Alia sat in the corner. All the madness and pain was overwhelming her. Allen stared at her. He saw the darkness that wanted to take over her body. He saw the burns that would have been caused by being burned. Not everyone can see what bad things happen. Only the 2p's have a special ability to see the evil and painful things going on. A big ball of dark oblivion surrounded her. The only thing to light the darkness was the burning of flames around her feet.

Allen grabbed the pistol and looked at it for a second thinking of what he should do. He sank to the ground and let the pistol drop to the ground. Mathieu looked at him and thought he was pathetic. Quickly he grabbed the gun and shot Alia. The darkness around her grew larger.

The sound of runing footsteps got closer. The Prince and Oliver came tumbling in.

"Collect her blood!" The Prince said. Oliver quickly put all the blood she was leaking from the wound that hit the center of her heart.

To a normal person it looked like normal blood...but it was so much more in the eye's of others. It was a shiny ocean blue that looked at if it had sparkels on it. Only a small portion came out. Her wound healed and Oliver sealed the bottle.

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