ⓒⓗⓐⓟⓣⓔⓡ 27 - Forgotten Past

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"I know who shot ______. I saw everything that happened." Mathieu said.

"Who was it?" Allen asked.


Matthieu cleared his throat,"It was......Alia..."

Allen's eyes widened. "A-Alia...why would she do something like that? She was created to help keep peace in the world and to reap the lives of countries.....I highly doubt she would do something like that."

Mathieu grabbed him by the coller. "Who's side are you fucking on?! Your growing soft, Allen. Why?"

Allen pulled away from Mathieu. Something triggered him to become...insane and Allen looked at him dead in the eyes. "You think I'm growing soft?" He said laughing as if he was a mad man.

Allen grabbed an orinary gun from the inside of his jacket and made his way to the dungeon. Mathieu followed to see how much blood would be spilt and who's blood it would be.

Mathieu has been one of the only people in history to have seen what someone like Alia can do if given the right amount of time. She was given a gift.

~~~~Back in Time~~~~

After the day Jeanne of Arc had died Arthur had created a small child with a spell. But to create her he could only use the last 5 feelings she had felt on the day she died. Which were pain, suffering, betrayl, madness, and regret.

The only reason Arthur had created her was to have someone with an alike face to remeber her by. Arthur as well fell in love with Jeanne but he knew she would never love him. So he betrayed her and made a deal with the king of that time to make sure France learned a lesson for messing with the British.

Everyday from the day Alia was born she felt the same emotions. The feeling of beinged burned was somedays way too much for her to bear and she would pass out and fall to sleep whimpering and crying.

Arthur felt shameful of his actions and wiped her memories and turned her into a small child. She would cry a lot of course and Arthur couldn't take the sound of pain much longer so he gave France full custodiy of her.

She grew up over the years and learned how to block out the pain but the madness would take control of her easily.

One day she went out and wandered around traveling the world and she met someone. A new country but this country was diffrent from the others. This country was not only a small young looking girl but her eyes looked as if she held a secret or a burden that the little country couldn't bear anymore.

The young girl sat on a small rock and was crying a lot. Alia aproached her.

"What's wrong?" Alia asked.

The young girl looked at her. "I-I carry a burden." She cried. "From the day I was told I was a country they told me I had to collect souls of fallen countries....and I cannot bring myself to do that." She cried. "I was told there was someone else who has the same thing and that one of us would take full control of it. But I don't wish to put anyone through this misery that I bare."

"I understand the feeling you are baring young girl. May I ask for your human name?" Alia asked.

"My human name is (y/n). I am the personification of this country and a reaper." She said standing up and wiping the tears from her eyes.

"Well (y/n). My name is Alia Bonnefoy of Arc." Alia said kneeling down to her hieght. (Y/N) looked to be around 7 years of age but she was actually around 20 years old as a country.

"Aren't you the girl that feels the pain of burning everyday since the day you were born?" (y/n) asked looking at her in the eyes.

Alia nodded and forced a smile. "That's me. I am also a reaper and I have as well had to reap souls. It is a big burden to bare and it will turn you mad. So I will take the partial part of being a reaper from you so you don't have to do it anymore but only if you tell me one thing."

(y/n) nodded. "Are you sure you will be able to bare being a reaper for the rest of eternity?" (y/n) asked.

Alia nodded. "Don't worry about me kid." She said. "Who was the next person on your list?"

(y/n) eye's widened and tears began to fill up her eyes as she pulled out her book and handed it to Alia. "I-I have a c-crush on him and he's helped me out a lot. So I can't bring myself to reap his soul. I'd rather dissapear forever than reap him." She said.

Alia read the name over and over again and she couldn't believe who was on the list. "Alfred F. Jones AKA: The United States of America." Her eyes were really widened.

"What's wrong? Do you know him?" (y/n) asked.

Alia nodded. "He's my little brother. I have to stop whatever is going to happen. But I'm so weak and unstable. "

(y/n) Remembered something she was told by the one who curesed her. "Both reapers may become one person and save one and only one soul. However there is a price that must be paid. One shall forget and start her life over. Each memory shall be wiped away and in the future shall bare the pain of loss."

"We can become one person and save him." (y/n) said knowing what would happen and she was ready to take the cost of what would happen.

Alia enchanted the spell, however, something went horribly wrong......

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