Chapter 35 - Till Death Do Us Part

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(y/n) had her finger up in the air and dropped it as the sword stabbed his heart. She repeated over and over. The room began to drown with cries of pain.

Alia trie to yell for her to stop but she couldn't. The red goo had finally finished surrounding her.


"Now if you'll excuse me. I have a couple of children to find and kill." (Y/N) said with a wicked and twisted laugh as she exited the room.

Seborga laid there on the cold floor with the sword still punctured through his heart. His blood was everywhere on the floor in a puddle.

A small white ghost like figure appeared next to Alia. It cracked the goo and released her. The small ghostly figure began to take a certain shape.

"(Y/N)??????" Alia gasped with great joy. She was happy to see her again.

"I don't have much time left. Please help me get the other half of my soul back. The evil me is taking over and soon who knows what will happen if she does!" (Y/N) said to Alia worried sick.

"I can put you back into your body. " Alia said bringing down (y/n)'s body from the goo and bringing it close to her. She began to cast a spell and the ghost of (y/n) slowly went back into her body.

(Y/N) quickly awoke and felt her head awoke. "Thank you." She said.

Alia nodded and quickly went to Seborga. She pulled out the sword and tossed it aside. Her eyes began to turn into a cherry red and tears flowed down her cheeks like a waterfall.

"Seborga!!" She started screaming and crying harder and harder. Seborga's blood stained parts of her body and her outfit. Alia began to cry harder and apologize for everything. Many minutes passed and Alia still cried.

"You can't die!!!! Not like this!!! The reaper book didn't tell me anything so it can't be true! It's not true!!!!" She cried harder and then paused and realized.

"It wasn't in the book..... So therefore it's not true." A smile began to grow on Alia's face. "I know just what to do!!!" Alia began to enchant a spell. Gold dust began to leave the place where her heart was and enter where Seborga's wounds.

He slowly began to heal as the gold dust surround his body and he began to glow. The light blinded Alia and (y/n).

Seborga awoke and looked around then he looked at Alia and smiled. Alia smiled back and cried tears of joy.

"I missed you so much!" Seborga said slowly kissing Alia. She smiled into the kiss and was still crying tears of joy.

"Awwwwwww" (y/n) said. They quickly split apart from the kiss and got off the floor. A loud rumbling came from down the hall.

"Let's go. We'll have to save the others on another day." Alia said as she ran towards the door and opened it so they could leave.

As they reached the end of the hall (y/n) heard something in the distance. "Mum.....Mummy! Help me!" She heard.

"Sealand!!" (Y/N) gasped and quickly ran back. Alia couldn't stop her so she just followed her. They reached the middle of the hall and found Sealand being consumed by the goo.

Alia quickly got rid of the goo. (Y/N) held Sealand in her arms.

"We have to leave now." (Y/N) said. Alia nodded and they ran away. They reached a balcony and Alia new just what to do.

"Don't question me when I say this but when I say jump we all have to jump from the balcony." Alia said. A few minutes passed by. "Jump!" She yelled. They all jumped with they're eyes closed when they opened them they were on Alia's secret base that was surprisingly still standing and all clean.

Sealand woke up and yawned. "What happened?" Sealand asked. (Y/N) hugged him tightly and he hugged back crying. "Mummy I missed you." He said as he stuffed his face into her shoulder.

Sealand explained everything to them about how he and the others were captured and turned back into small children. Sealand looked up for sec and saw two people he never thought he would see.

"Daddy?...... Wy?????......" He asked as his eyes widened with happiness.

(Y/N) looked at America. She began to cry really hard and tackled him with an enormous hug. America kissed her passionately for a while.

"Ewww." Sealand and Wy said as they laughed. Out of nowhere Sealand began to shake and have a seizure. His eyes turned a bright red as if he became possessed by something.

Sealand and Wy began to go back to being teenagers instead of kids. He then began to shoot at the hiding place.

(Y/N) and America got up and protected Wy. Wy tried to talk sense into Sealand but he couldn't hear a word. He shot some more everywhere.

"Sealand please lis-" Wy began to say as another bullet was shot then she slowly dropped to the floor.

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