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Canada tripped but quickly got up and ran down the halls looking for Alia.

"Do you see what you caused? " France said to America as he clenched his fist. "She was planning on uniting the ________'s and your government. I can't believe you would say such cruel things to your own little sister. "

Tears rolled out of America's eyes as he remembered every word he had said to Alia. "I didn't mean to I'm so sorry. "

"Do you think that's going to work now? She's gone now." France cried he wiped away his tears.

Canada walked back with his head down. "She's really gone. " He mumbled.

"It's all my fault. " America began to silently cry. They all stood there awkwardly in silence.

"We're here." England said as he walked into the room with Sealand sleeping in his arms. "Where's Alia? Is she in the loo?"

"Ask the idiot. " Canada mumbled as he left. "I'm going back to my country. "

"What happened?" England asked as he layed Sealand down on America's hospital bed.

"America yelled at her and she left for good this time. " France said as he leaned his head against the wall trying not to make any eye contact with either of them.

America clean his glasses. "I didn't mean to say anything I was just..."

"She helped you through everything and you can't even give her an ounce of respect. She's stayed awake for weeks to try to keep your damn country up and _______'s as well and you have the audacity to yell at her." England was full of anger and frustration. He didn't want to yell to where he would wake up Sealand. America looked out the window trying to avoid any eye contact.

"What do you propose we do now?" France asked. "She knew how to get _______ back and now she's gone. "

"To make everything worse, _______'s been around with the 2ps which makes ________ an enemy to every country. " England sighed.

"What?" America and France asked surprised.

"It was discussed during the meeting. Our bosses all made a deal that if any country is associated with the 2ps then they shall be forced to fall. " England said as he sat next to Sealand who was sound asleep. "If you oppose and don't fight they'll make you fall as well."

"Do we have to live like this forever from now on. Everyone fighting ______?" America asked as he wiped away his tears.

"We need to try to keep our bosses from declaring war at all. It's the only way of keeping peace for now." France suggested. America put on his bomber jacket.

"Where are you going?" England asked.

"To do something about this. I won't just stay here and wait for the worst to happen. " America said as he tried to leave the room. He felt a small tug on his bomber jacket.

"Daddy. Please don't go." Sealand whimpered. America tried to ignore him. "I don't want to lose anyone else. Don't leave me alone. " Sealand began to cry. America nelt down and hugged him.

"You want to go home? " America asked as he pulled away from the hug and wiped away Sealand's tears. He nodded.

America stood up and faced England and France. "Do you guys want a ride?" He asked.

"Yes, but it isn't safe for you to drive. You only woke up 30 minutes ago. We don't even have the doctor's permission to leave. " France said.

"I can call them. I'm pretty sure they won't mind." America insisted.

England sighed. "I'll drive. " He grabbed the keys our of America's hands and began to walk down the halls of the building with the others following behind. They reached the car and all hoped in. America sighed and looked out the window.

Sealand's looked at America and saw how depressed he was. He reached for his arm but the car quickly jerked and and stopped.

"What happened?" Sealand asked as France and England stepped out of the car.

"Stay here. " America said as he quickly stepped out of the car. Sealand looked at one of the review mirrors to see what was going on............and his eyes opened wide.

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