Chapter 7

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You stepped out of the car and walked behind Germany into the building, you where the first ones there. Then behind you, you heard the door opening. There were five people and Denmark.

"Hey ______ are you excited for the meeting? " Denmark said as he ran his fingers through his gravity defying hair.

"Yeah I sure am!" You said as you looked at the people behind him.

"Oh and I would like you to meet Norway, Iceland, Finland, Sweden, and that little brat is Sealand." Denmark said.

"Hey!" Sealand pouted.

"We refer ourselves as the Nordics. " Denmark said proudly.

"Hello it's nice to meet you." They said in unison.

"It's very nice to meet all of you." You said with a smile.

"Wow your very pretty. " Sealand said walking up to you.

"Thank you, your to kind." You said as you blushed.

"Hey _____, do you think im a country?" Sealand asked cutely.

"Of course." You said.

"See Denmark, even ______ says I'm a country. " Sealand said as he held his chin up high. Denmark gave him a little kick and looked away as if he didn't do anything. Sealand pushed at one of Denmark's legs and Denmark lost balance and fell.

"You can't hurt me." Denmark said as he stuck out his tongue like a child. Sealand quickly attacked Denmark by jumping on top of pulling his hair. Denmark pulled Sealand's cheeks for payback. You didn't know who to react or what to do. Luckily Sweden pulled Sealand away and calmed him down. Sweden had a small, barely noticeable smirk on his face as if he was happy Sealand beat up Denmark. Norway and Iceland just ignored it and walked away.

"Sorry you had to see that, Sealand gets a little carried away somtimes." Finland said laughing nervously.

"It's okay." You smiled trying not to laugh at the tall Danish man that had just been beaten up by a 5 or 6 year old child.

"Sorry for interuping but we better get going now ______." Germany said as he lifted up his glasses with his index finger.

You looked around him. "Okay. Where's Italy? " You asked.

"He was right here a second ago. I'm going to go look for him." Germany said frustrated.

"I'll help." You insisted.

"WAIT!" Sealand said as he jumped out of Sweden's arms. "______ will you play with me later, none of the other countrys play with me so I'm always alone."

"Of course I will, but who wouldn't want to play with you? Your too cute." You said as you smiled. He hugged you and wouldn't let go.

" Come on now Sealand we better get going now." Finland said as he put out his hand waiting for Sealand to grab it.

"No, I wanna stay with ______! Wahhh!" Sealand said as he hugged you tighter.

"Come on Sealand. " Sweden said as he came closer and his glare intensified.

"No!" Sealand whined as he hid behind you.

"I don't mind taking care of Sealand for a while. " You said as you looked at his pouty face.

"Well...okay then." Finland said as he put his hands in his pockets.

"Yay!" Sealand yelled in joy. He then stopped hugging you and held your hand, and then you and Sealand went to help Germany look for Italy. He started to get tired though so you had to carry him sometimes.

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