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(A/N) Excuse all the errors. I don't proof read. Sorry I haven't updated in a while. I've been having a ton of writers block, and I also have a lot of homework and other stuff. I hope everyone is enjoying this story so far. I've been thinking of the ending for this story and there's three ways it can go. I can't tell you because of spoilers. So yeah, on with the story.


Alia, Canada, and Sealand arrived at the building where all the meetings were held. There were still a couple of countrys running into the building with a surprised look on their face. Alia stepped out of the car and stretched. Canada stepped out and carried Sealand out then he locked the car and they slowly made their way in to the building.

Sealand was still asleep and it seemed like he wouldn't wake up any time soon. The three entered into the building.

"Where's Kumajiro?" Alia asked Canada.

"He didn't want to come, so I let him stay back at the house. " Canada replied.

"Oh. Okay. I really wanted to see that fur ball though. " Alia pouted. Canada sighed and smiled. They reached the meeting room and heard the countries arguing but not as loud as usual. Alia opened one of the doors slowly and everyone looked surprised. She made her way to the head of the table with Canada following behind.

"Hello everyone!" She said happily. "You surprised? "

"Welcome back! " Everyone said happily. Sealand woke up from all the noise and Canada set him down on a chair.

"Okay settle down now." Alia said as she sat down at the head of the table and Canada sat down as well. Everyone was quiet. Alia clears her throat. " As you know _______ is a country, but you don't know everything about her."

"What do you mean? " Hungary asked.

"_______ has been around for almost as long as America has been. She's 245 years old." Alia said as she cleared her throat.

"But she's only fifteen. Like the country itself. " Finland said.

Alia began to walk on the table towards Finland. She always did this. "Wrong. The country was masked for its protection. " She began to walk across the table again back to her seat.

"But only magic can do that, and don't recall anyone in the magic trio doing anything like that." England argued.

Alia walked towards England, "You guys aren't the only ones who can use magic." She smirked. " It runs through the family. "

"Oh I forgot. " England sighed.

" Why did you keep her hidden? " Russia asked.

"She's too weak and she can't stand on her own." Alia sighed. "I've been taking care of her country since then. That's why I I haven't been around for a while. "

"Both America's and _______'s governments are down. What do you suppose we do in order to help them." Germany asked.

"Well I have a but I'm still trying to fix it ." Alia sighed as she pulled out the sheets of paper that she was mapping out her plan out on.

"I can help." Hungary said as she stood up and walked towards her. "I am one if the best aren't I ?"

Alia noded. "Germany bring out the projector. I want everyone to see this plan. I also need all the micro nations to go upstairs and look out for one another. This is serious business and I don't want the young ones to see what's been happening. "

Everyone agreed and did as they were told. Sealand was scared so Seborga held his hand and took care of him upstairs with the other Micro Nations. Germany brought out the projector and Alia placed the papers on the projection platform. "Here's what I was planning to do." Alia said. " We first need to save America. ______'s government will hopefully start back up soon, but I can't say the same for America. So I was planning on visiting the capital soon to discuss this manner. But there is an issue."

"What kind of issue?" Hungary said studying the paper. The others looked at the projection of it.

" Since America's boss knows how _____ was with the 2ps for a long time he is most likely going to declare war. All the leaders made a deal that a country associated with the 2ps must fall." Alia said with tears ready to drip down her cheeks.

"How come we haven't heard of that rule from our bosses?" Russia asked.

" We all promised it would be a secret contract. I.....I was the one who....proposed it. I had no idea that ______ would've be raised by one of the 2ps. Any resistance shown by another country will go down as well." Alia cried.

"Can't you break the contract? " England asked while trying to comfort her with Hungary.

She shook her head, " I can't. If it was so simple I would've already done that and things would go back to normal. I don't know what to do anymore. " She kept wiping away her tears but they wouldn't stop flowing.

"There has to be a way to save them both." Switzerland said slamming his fist onto the table. Alia stopped crying and began thinking.

"I could have a meeting and try to persuade the leaders." She mumbled. "But they will most likely say no. It's worth a shot though. "

Alia and the other countries that were good at fighting in wars all tried to help come up with a plan but they were interrupted by the sound of a cell phone ring. Everyone checked theirs but all of them were off. Alia was quickly startled. Her phone only rings when there is a tragic emergency at the hospital or a country. She quickly took the phone out of her bag. Her fingers trembled at the thoughts of what could have happened.

"Hello." She answered slowly. The others were extremely worried and the room fell silent. Alia just listened to the person on the other line. The line was quickly cut off and the phone dropped out of Alia's hand. She covered her mouth and slowly sank to her knees.

"What's wrong. " Canada asked. She shook her head and tears began to fall from her eyes. The others surrounded her and tried to cheer her up. Quickly, Alia made a run for it to the hospital to see all the chaos that has been going on but she became exhausted and passed out.

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