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(A/N) So I'm using quotation marks from now on for speach, because it's easier. So yeah. On with the story.

9 months have passed now, and every one went back home to their own country, however in these nine months America asked Sweden and Finland if he could adopt Sealand so you both could be closer. It took a while but they agreed, you continued to live with America and Sealand, you where all like a big happy family until the day every thing changed.

It was a warm sunny day, and there was another world meeting over the new country that had appeared over 16 years ago. They found out who the new country was.

It was a short ride to the world meeting center and you where so excited to see everyone again. Once you reached the building you quickly got out of the car and helped Sealand out, then you ran into the building and into the main room where everyone was waiting.

"Hey everyone!" you yelled as you ran in the room.

"______ your here!" Italy said as he hugged you, "it's been so long bella."

"Yeah, I missed you all so much!" You said as he let go.

Everyone started forming around you to try and give you a huge hug. America and Sealand walked in in the middle of all this. They both waited for all the hugging to be over, it took a while though.

"Okay dudes, since we're all here now, let's get this meeting started." America said as everyone sat down. "We have come to a conclusion on who the new country might be."

"May, I use the restroom? I really have to go." Sealand politely interrupted.

"Sure go ahead dude." America responded.

Sealand turned to you and asked, "Mummy, can you come with me please?"

"Of course. " You answered with a sweet voice

He got out of his chair and so did you, then you both walked to the restroom.

"Okay dudes," America continued, " I think we all know that ______ is the new country is, right?"

Everyone nodded in agreement.

"But when do you think it will be the right time to tell her?" Austria asked.

"And when will we take her to see her country? " Germany added.

"I was planning on telling her today, once the meeting was over." America answered. "But I don't know when to take her." he added

" Let's~a take her next~a weekend." Italy said.

"We should all go and have a party aru." China added

"Will there be any cats?" Greece asked slowly.

"Maybe, we'll see." China answered.

"Okay dudes, this concludes the meeting!" he said as he ran out the door. 'I can't wait to tell _______ she's a country! ' he thought to himself as he ran to where you where.


You waited for Sealand outside the restroom door and you looked out the window to see the tree that was out side. You looked at it for a while and then looked down the hall. You saw that America was walking quickly twords you, but you could tell that he was exhausted. He walked slower and then Sealand came out of the restroom and closed the door.

You smiled at them, but both their eyes quickly widened at the sight of what, more like who was behind you, America quickly ran twords you and your heard glass break. Every thing was in slow motion now. A cloth with chloroform was put put over your mouth and nose, and you passed out. The last thing you saw was America running towards you and screaming, and Sealand crying and yelling, "Mummy!"


America quickly ran towards you but it was too late, the enemy already left in a helicopter. America quickly tripped and fell.

"Mummy!" Sealand yelled as the helicopter flew away.

America tried getting up but he sprained his ankle.

"Fuck!" he yelled as he tried getting up. Tears formed around his eyes, not because of the fact that he sprained his ankle, no, it was because he lost......you.

All the countrys came running over. They saw the broken window, and they saw America and Sealand crying.

"Mommy." Sealand whimpered, "they took mommy."

"Who took your mommy?" England asked as he picked up Sealand. Sealand cried and trembled in England's arms.

Canada, France, and Germany, went to go help out America with his ankle.

"They.....did they took her...." America said as he wiped away the tears on his face.

"Who's they?" Italy asked as he picked up a shard of the broken window's glass.

America answered, "The............."

(A/N) Another cliffhanger, Muahahaha! I'm sorry for being so evil, sorry. Also, I'm sorry for the short chapter and the cliffhanger. Sorry. Thank you all for reading my story! Ya'll are the best! Please like, comment, and share. The more likes and comments I get, the more pumped up I get and I write more. So yeah, thanks for reading this far.

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