Chapter 44 - An Unexpected Visit

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It was 6 am and there was loud knocks on the door. (Y/N) woke up to the sounds of these knocks and went to answer the door in her wheel chair since she was not able to walk. At the door was a small child around the age of 7. His eyes were lifeless and he seemed to be a fragile boy and he was quite pale as well. He was very thin and quite small. His hair was blonde and he had blue eyes as well as very thick eyebrows. The small young boy wore a sailor suit that seemed to be tailored out of the finest cloths there were.

"Why hello there. Is there something I can help you with?" (y/n) asked in a sweet kind voice.

"Is Mathew here?" The small boy asked.

"Yes he i-" (y/n) began to say but was interrupted by Ukraine.

"Good morning Peter. What brings you here?" Ukraine asked gesturing him to come inside.

"Not much I just need a place to stay while things clear up back at my place." He said in the most monotone voice. He sat in the living room as Ukraine brought everyone something warm to drink in some beautiful teacups.

"I first tried to go to Alfred's place," He began to say as he sipped his tea. "There was something awfully wrong with him. I'm not too sure what it was but I decided it would be a bother to stay."

(y/n) clenched her tea cup with both hands as she stared down into the liquid.

"I then decided to come here to get some help from Mathew in a few days to help him get back to normal." Sealand said as he finished his tea.

Ukraine ran her fingers through her hair. "You really are too kind sometimes Peter." She said. Then she noticed that he was very hot to the touch. She put the tea cups down and then put her hand on his forehead.

"My goodness. You're burning up." She said. "Let's get you to bed so you can rest and see if the fever will go away." She said taking him to one of the guest bedrooms.

(Y/N) put the tea cups in the sink and then grabbed a few towels as well as a bowl full of cold water to his room.

His cheeks and forehead were a bright pink and his breathing was a little faster than normal.

(y/n) wet one of the towels and put it on his head. He seemed to become more stable after every 15 minutes of having something cold on his head.

(y/n) sighed in relief once he had finally begun to calm down fully. She then left the room but Ukraine stayed to make sure he was still stable after a while.

(y/n) went to Canada's room to go tell him about Sealand. She knocked then he quickly opened the door.

(y/n) explained everything to Canada. He understood everything then they went to the kitchen to make breakfast since everyone was up so early.

Canada had made pancakes with maple syrup in the batter and topped it off with fruit and more maple syrup and he also made tea that had a maple syrup sweetener.

Ukraine, Canada and (y/n) ate while Sealand was still sound asleep. Canada and Ukraine had discussed to (y/n) about how Sealand was practically raised by America until he had gone to England's place for a while.

They also discussed about ways to try to make America cheerful again but (y/n) was silent through out the whole conversation. She stared down at her hands that were on her lap. Canada and Ukraine noticed it after a while and changed the subject quickly.

Canada then got a text message. "I have to leave. I'll be back in a few hours. It's a work emergency. I'm terribly sorry."

He quickly left and Ukraine quickly looked at (y/n). " We have to start planning." She said excitedly.

"For what exactly?" (y/n) asked.

"His birthday is coming up in 2 days on the first of July." Ukraine said happily.

"He hasn't celebrated his birthday in a very long time so I was thinking of just getting him a cake and some presents, doesn't that sound great?" Ukraine asked as she jumped up and down which would cause anyone to stare at you know where.

"That sounds fun." (y/n) said.

"We can go look for something at the mall if you want later when Peter is feeling better. So all three of us may get him a gift." She said. "I already ordered the cake and everything! Its his favorite flavor and his favorite colo-"

"Do you like Mathew?" (y/n) kindly interrupted Ukraine.

Ukraine then turned many different shades of red. "N-No we're just very close child hood friends. He's been there for me when everyone else in school would bully me over having a large bust at a young age. He was the first friend I had ever made but no I don' least not in that way." She lied.

(y/n) knew she did but she kept quiet about it not wanting to get into an argument over it.

"I know he likes some one else though. I won't stand in the way of it though." Ukraine said leaning back against the couch.

"But if you love him why not tell him how you feel and work things out to see if things would go well between you two?" (y/n) asked.

Ukraine sighed and tears formed at the brims of her eyes. "It's because I know I won't be able to make him fully happy. I would rather see him happy with another person than see him struggeling to find happiness when he's with me." She said as her tears began to fall however she smiled kindly and warmly.

(y/n) thought back to what Ukraine had said. "Maybe I should be that way towards Alfred." (y/n) thought.

Ukraine's bangs covered her face but finally her last tears streamed down her face then she wiped them away.

"I think I'm going to go sleep a little more. Wake me up if you need anything." She said with a fake smile that hid her pain as she walked back to her room.

(y/n) felt guilty for saying such things and she didn't know what to do about it. Later on she went exploring around the house to see what was there then she found a very old piano.

The piano looked like as if it was a shiny black but it had been covered in dust from the many years that it had not been played. There was also an enormous amount of book shelves that seemed to have almost every classical piece in it.

(y/n) dusted off some parts of it and opened the piano to where the keys were visible. She then put her foot on one of the pedals and pressed the key. Suddenly something took over her and she began to play Love's Sorrow by Fritz Kreisler.

(y/n) played it better than a professional. She was outstanding yet she didn't even know she could do such a thing. The instinct just came to her.

As she played fascinated by her own two hands. Sealand woke up to it. He knew the song well. It was the only thing he could remember of his mother and how she used to play it every day every hour that she could. He used to sleep to that song and it eventually got to the point where he could barely sleep without it. Later however something happened to both his parents and he isn't able to remember at what they look like at all.

Tears flowed down his face and onto the floor as he heard and watched (y/n) play. He could still somewhat imagine himself and his mother on the piano bench playing the song together.

He mouthed the words "mother." and stood outside and cried until the piece was over. Then he ran to his room and stayed there until Canada arrived home.

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