The Signs in a Group Chat

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Usernames: Aries: AriestheDestroyer Taurus: xXfoodbanditXx Gemini: Double_Trouble Cancer: Leader_Cancer Leo: LeoDaLion Virgo: xXsmartchicvirgoXx Libra: RebelLibra Scorpio: BadAss14 Sagittarius: Cutie-Ginger Capricorn: CapIsBest Aquarius: WaterWizard Pisces: xXkawaiidesuXx

Cutie-Ginger: what r we gonna do today?

xXfoodbanditXx: I'm gonna sleep.

xXsmartchicvirgoXx: we have to do something fun or else the reader will get bored!

AriestheDestroyer: someone's reading this? WAIT WHO?

Double_Trouble: Virgo ur breaking the wall!!

WaterWizard: its already in pieces.

LeoDaLion: we should study for the exam!

xXkawaiidesuXx: ew school. why don't we just stay home? I dont wanna go anywhere

CapIsBest: the mall?

AriestheDestroyer: I guess no ones gonna answer my question

BadAss14: Aries there's a ton of people reading. I hope. Author~chan are people reading this?

Author~chan: I hope so too. HEY! Back into character!

AriestheDestroyer: o_O

RebelLibra: the mall sounds nice.

Leader_Cancer: ooh! what about we get something to eat?

xXfoodbanditXx: yes please

Double_Trouble: why don't we take a vacation?

WaterWizard: lets go to the Bahamas

AriestheDestroyer: with what money

Cutie-Ginger: we don't even have enough money to travel out of state

xXkawaiidesuXx: I'm kinda dick I'm gonna stay in bed

xXkawaiidesuXx: *SICK

BadAss14: i could give you some of that if you want

LeoDaLion: Scorpio i swear to god

Cutie-Ginger: why don't we all go to Cancer's house?

Leader_Cancer: no way. I just finished cleaning up from last time

xXsmartchicvirgoXx: where should we go to eat?

BadAss14: Seafood!

CapIsBest: No

AriestheDestroyer: Dessert?

WaterWizard: not yet...

xXfoodbanditXx: Buffet?

Double_Trouble: That's more like it!

Cutie-Ginger: wait...... which buffet?

WaterWizard: I'm not getting in this mess.

--WaterWizard logged out--

RebelLibra: All You Can Eat!

Double_Trouble: Golden Corral

RebelLibra: UM NO

Leader_Cancer: theyre about to fight.

xXkawaiidesuXx: fuck this shit im out

--xXkawaiidesuXx and 10 others logged out--

Author~chan: Hey! where did you guys go?

RebelLibra: this chapter has gone to shit

Double_Trouble: lets end it

Sorry this was really short but I'm really sick atm and I can barely focus. I'm not happy with this one at all and I'll probably re do it.

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