Truth or Dare -2-

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Capricorn: --opens soda can-- Alright, Cancer! Pick from the hat!

Taurus: --eating potato chips--

*Capricorn pulls out the paper*

Cancer: Ooooo, kiss the person to the right of you. Gemini... Libra... --looks at Gemini--

Libra: --blushing--

Gemini: Don't you da-

Cancer: GEMINI

Gemini: COME ON

Libra: Ugh, but I hate her... --still blushing--

Aires: Just do it already, we all wanna see it!

Libra: EW! You perverts-

*Gemini kisses Libra on the cheek*


Taurus: W-whatever.

Gemini: --giggles-- My pick, I wish I could put it on Cancer.

*Gemini pulls out the paper*

Gemini: --laughs-- I love this one! Read the last text message you received out loud! Aires, I want you to do this one!

Aires: Oh no... Scorpio... the last one was from when you were drunk...

Scorpio: Dude please

Aires: Okay, so Scorpio was drunk while texting me, and I asked him how much he's had to drink... and he replied "A baby and a half dozen of babies".

Sagittarius: OMFG XD


*All the signs laugh*

Scorpio: I was drunk, okay?!

Aires: Okay, I'm picking!

*Aires pulls paper out*

Aires: Alright Virgo, have Taurus, the person to the right of you, put lipstick on you... while blindfolded.

Virgo: Oh no...

Leo: Here, Taurus. Put on this rest mask. --hands Taurus the rest mask--

Taurus: --smirks-- This is gonna be fun. --puts on rest mask--

Pisces: I think I have some lipstick in my bag... Aha! Here. --hands Taurus the lipstick troublingly--

Virgo: Okay, I'm ready. --pulls hair back and faces Taurus--

*Taurus sloppily applied the lipstick, and there was lots of lipstick on Virgo's face afterwards.*

Sagittarius: At least he got a bit of on your lips. --laughs--

Virgo: Taurus! It's all on my cheek! --tries to wipe it off--

Virgo: Okay, okay. My pick.

*Virgo pulls paper out*

Virgo: Among all the people in this room, who would you go on a date with? Pisces, your answer?

Pisces: Oh, well I like all of you...

Aquarius: Yes, but who do you like the most?

Pisces: Um, well, Scorpio's really nice...

Capricorn: Huh? Scorpio's, like, the worst one here aside from Aires.

Aires: HEY!

Pisces: I dunno, Scorpio's nice to me.

*All look at Scorpio*

Scorpio: o-o ...what?

*Pisces pulls out the paper*

Pisces: Alright Aquarius, your dare is-

Aquarius: ...Well? What is it?

Pisces: I'm so sorry, but... Belly dance for ten seconds with your belly fully exposed...

This ones kinda short but whatev

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