Aries(f) x Gemini(m): Hello, Wattpad

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should i make an art book? would you guys look at it if i did?


"Ugh, you're always on that site. Can you help me with this? I just need 200 more words and then this short story for class is done," Leo whined. Aries didn't look away from her tablet.

"Yeah, I need 200 more words, too," Aries said flatly. Leo looked slightly over Aries shoulder from her swivel chair, seeing the orange website on Aries' screen.

"What do you even do on that site?" Leo questioned Aries.

"You write. Like your doing right now," Aries said, her fingers still tapping the keyboard.

"Hm. But it's not really writing professionally like I'm doing."

"Um, yeah it is. Just wait, someday I'll be published for something I've written on here. Look, my story has 18,000 reads."

"Wow..." Leo said unamused, continuing her writing. Aries grumbled and continued writing as well.

A few silent minutes passed and it was so quiet that you could hear a pin drop. Then the sound of a 'ding' went off from Aries phone. Leo paid no mind to it, but Aries looked back at the phone. She couldn't see it from where she was sitting on the bed, so she faced back to her computer.

The phone chimed again, and the two girls paid no mind.

It chimed again.

And it chimed again.

"Okay, A. Turn that thing off," Leo finally said, still not looking back from her computer. Aries sighed, getting up from the bouncy bed. She walked over to her phone, which was sitting on a wooden desk.

The phone was still chiming as Aries walked over to the deskand it was because of Wattpad. To Aries it just looked like someone spam voting on her book, so she went into her phone's settings and turned notifications for Wattpad off.

Aries decided to look at her messages and saw the same person that was voting on her book messaging her.


Weird name, Aries thought.

Hi there! Don't mean to be a creep, but I really like your book!

Aries shrugged. She usually got messages like these before. Aries typed her almost robotic response:

Thank you, be sure to find the next part! I have to go, maybe we can talk later!

Aries never stuck to the last part. She was about to put the phone down, but Gem-Love made a quick response.

Oh, wait, don't go! I don't want you to leave so soon!

Aries didn't know what to say. She never really got messages like this. "Hey, Leo, I'm gonna... go to the store..." Aries said, walking to the door and grabbing her keys.

"Yeah, get me a chocolate bar," Leo said.


Aries walked to her and placed her phone in the passengers seat, making sure she wouldn't touch it. She drove to the store.


Aries still had Wattpad open on her phone.

Oh, uh... sure! What did you wanna talk about? Aries replied.

Gemini apparently had a lot to say, and Aries went along with it. The two even shared genders, and in some cases, phone numbers.

Aries really liked him.


sorry its short and rushed! I thought I wouldn't be able to get a chapter in before the break, so I wanted to finish this quick. there may be no new chapter until sunday because of thanksgiving.

hope you all have an awesome break!

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