Truth or Dare -1-

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All the signs were at Libra's house because why the fuck not
And this isn't really truth or dare. Each sign will pick a statement out of hat, and it will either be a truth or a dare. That sign will get to pick who answers the question/does the statement.

Gemini: Oh! Lets play truth or dare!

Aquarius: Sure I'm game.

Pisces: Wait! Lets play it with questions! --pulls out a hat with questions in it--

Leo: Okay! Me first!

*Leo pulls out a paper*

Leo: Ooh! Lick the person next to you... --looks at other signs--

Pisces: --whispers-- please not me... please not me...

Leo: Hmmm... Scorpio!

Pisces: --sighs in relief--

Scorpio: Okay, so I have to lick either Aires or Pisces...

Aires: Scorpio I swear to fucking god I WILL MURDER YOU-


Pisces: Huh? M-me? Um... okay --blushes--

*Scorpio takes Pisces hand and licks it*

Virgo: You just HAD to do it where the most germs are?


Scorpio: Alright, my pick!

*Scorpio pulls out paper*

Scorpio: Hm... write 'idiot' on your forehead and leave it there for the rest of the day.

Sagittarius: That's awful! We're going out to dinner later.

Scorpio: Alright Sag thank you for volunteering

Sagittarius: WHAT? NO!!

Libra: I'll grab the marker! --runs out the room--

Libra: --runs back in-- Here Sag!

Capricorn: Libra! Here, I'll write it!

*Capricorn writes idiot in bold on Sagittarius' forehead*

Gemini: Ha, you look... AMAZING!

Sagittarius: Aww man! My turn...

*Sagittarius pulls out paper*

Sagittarius: O-kay! Answer this Aires: Who is the hottest one here?

Aires: Is that even a question? It's obviously me

Aquarius: I wish he got a dare...

Aires: But, I guess the person in second place would have to be Gemini.

Gemini: --blushing-- ...really? I would've said Libra.

Libra: HUH?


*Aires pulls out a paper*

Aires: Cancer's gonna do this one. Drink 4 cans of soda in under a minute.

Cancer: WHAT?

Taurus: Is that possible? If so I would love to do that.

Cancer: Ugh, you know I HATE soda!

Aquarius: Why do you think you're doing it?

Cancer: --sighs--

*All go to the kitchen*

Taurus: Okay, four cans.

Virgo: The timer is ready when you are.

Cancer: (T-T)

Libra: 3...

Leo: 2...

Pisces: 1...

Gemini: GO!!

*Cancer chugged the sodas as fast as she could as the timer was ticking, when the timer ended, she had one can left*

Cancer: --gags-- I think I'm gonna throw up...

Capricorn: I'll take that last can.

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