Sagittarius(f) x Pisces(f): Game Changer

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The fluorescent carpet looked very intricate yet sticky, and it felt rough under Pisces feet. She could see that Gemini was very excited to be here, her eyes reflecting the bright lights of video game screens.

"Gem, why did we come to the arcade? I thought we were gonna have a... girls night out?" Sagittarius asked, looking around at some of the kids and some of the teens frantically pressing buttons and running around with countless amounts of tickets in their hands.

Gemini giggled. "We are! C'mon!" she exclaimed grabbing Pisces arm and pulling her arm, Sagittarius following closely behind the two girls. Gemini walked them over to a game that held two fake motorcycles that were attached to a metal floor. "I think you and Sagittarius will do well at this one," Gemini said towards Pisces.

"So I just... get on it and turn it?" Pisces questioned.

"Yup! Well, I'm gonna go cheat on the crane games. Here's some tokens and have fun!~" Gemini said in a sing song voice. Pisces tried to decode why Gemini smiled when she said "have fun", but discarded the thought as Sagittarius was already on the fake bike.

"Well... are you playing?" Sagittarius asked swiftly.

Pisces sighed. "Fine," Pisces said, almost laughing. She got on the wobbly bike. The two picked settings, bikes, and a track. The game counted down from three.

"This is stupid, but I still wanna win. You know that, right?" Sagittarius warned Pisces. Pisces scoffed.

"Duh. You get competitive about everything," Pisces said dully. Sagittarius laughed as the game started, and the two girls were racing against each other and the CPU's. They turned and drifted, Pisces crashing into walls and Sagittarius going off course. The two were practically leaning into the screen.

"Ah! Come on! I'm right behind you!" Pisces said angrily. Sagittarius giggled.

"Aw, you're even cuter when you get mad..." Sagittarius said, quietly and almost flirtatiously. Pisces sat up straight and looked at Sagittarius.

"Really? W-wait-" Pisces blushed and started to say, but was interrupted by music playing on the screen. Sagittarius had won. "Hey! You cheated!"

"By doing what?" Sagittarius said slowly. Pisces blushed.

"You... you-"

"That's right, you're a sore loser."


"Like, I don't get it. Why would she call me... cute? Of all people?" Pisces said, trying to decipher Sagittarius words from last night. Gemini filled her cup with tap water.

"That's what she did last night? No wonder you were acting like a goon the rest of the night..." Gemini said, drinking from her cup. Pisces blushed.

"I wasn't a goon, I was just..." Pisces sighed. "I've had a crush on her since middle school."

"So aren't you happy Sag called you cute? She's had a crush on you too so- ...oh, whoops," Gemini shrugged. Pisces like ones at her confused. "Yeah, Sag has had crush on you since, like, seventh grade."

Pisces looked sort of ecstatic. "Really?"

"Uh... yeah-"

"Well that's settled, I'm just gonna go tell her I like her!"


I didn't go tell her I like her.

Pisces mind was in a jumble. She couldn't stop thinking of Sagittarius, and she really couldn't stop thinking about Sagittarius when she came up to her.

"Hey, why have you been acting weird?" Sagittarius said, coming up to Pisces student desk. Pisces restrained from telling the truth.

"Whaddya mean?"

"I don't know... you're not acting like... the person I know," Sagittarius said, softly.

"W-what kind of person am I to you?" Pisces asked, fearful of the response she was going to get. Sagittarius picked up Pisces' eraser and twirled it in her hands.

"You're the cute, bubbly, adorable girl I know," Sagittarius described, faintly smiling as she said it. Pisces put down her pencil and finally looked up at Sagittarius. She couldn't take nnot knowing anymore, even if Gemini told her not to approach the subject.

"Can I ask you something?" Pisces asked, pretending not to care at Sagittarius description of her. Sagittarius shrugged.

"Go ahead," she said, putting down the eraser. Pisces hesitated.

"Did you call me... cute on Saturday?" Pisces asked slowly. Sagittarius looked up and scoffed.

"W-well... I mean, well... yeah," she finally said. Pisces blushed. The two stayed silent for a second, letting the sounds of other students cover them.

"D-did you actually mean that?" Pisces asked. Sagittarius closed her eyes and shook her head.

"I'm... gonna come over to your house tomorrow, then we can talk-" she said, the bell ringing. Sagittarius looked at Pisces one last time before walking out the class room. Pisces stood up and sighed, going the opposite way. Pisces was confused on how Sagittarius' emotions could swing in one night.


Pisces waited patiently on her couch, thankful that Cancer was out tonight. Pisces tugged at her sweatshirt, the TV playing something random. She wanted to make popcorn, but at the same time didn't want to get up from her comfy position. She heard a knock on the door.

Pisces sighed toughly, getting up from the couch and walking towards the door. She opened it to see a smiling Sagittarius.

"Hey there," Sagittarius said. Pisces smiled, walking out of the way as Sagittarius walked in the house. "Wow, so you live here with Cancer? It's really nice..." she said, admiring the kitchen and posters on the wall. Pisces nodded.

"Yup. She's out tonight, so I guess it's just us..." Pisces said, walking over to the living room with Sagittarius behind her. Sagittarius sat next to Pisces.

"So, you wanted to talk about, well, us?" Sagittarius finally said.

"Us?" Pisces asked suspiciously. Sagittarius blushed.

"Y'know what I mean... calling you cute and all."

"...Do you actually think that?"

Sagittarius laughed slightly. "Well, yeah." Pisces blushed.

"...So are you..." Pisces said. Sagittarius looked up at her. Pisces and Sagittarius slowly leaned in towards each other until their lips were touching, and Sagittarius' ginger hair fell next to Pisces. Pisces placed her hand on Sagittarius arm, the two pulling away. Sagittarius gave Pisces a peck on the cheek before getting up.

"That was... great. I'll see you later," she said smoothly. Pisces sighed.

"Bye," Pisces said. When Sagittarius was out the door, Pisces leaned against the couch. A few minutes later, Cancer walked in.

"Care to explain why Sagittarius' entire face was red coming out of this house?" Cancer asked, putting her keys down.

"Long story," Pisces said.

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