Aquarius(f) x Leo(m): Dogs=Love

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I have been trying to get into drawing digitally, so if anyone of you could suggest any free programs that I could use, that would be great! I'm currently using Medibang.

Btw, a Maltipoo is a type of dog, my dogs type to be exact

"Aw! You're so cute!" Leo heard the girl say to the small white puppy, a Maltipoo. This was her ninth day here. He never approached her; or asked her why she was here so frequently. She pet the bright and bushy tailed dog on its head, then frowned slightly.

That was another thing- she went and pet the other dogs in the shelter, but she always looked at the Maltipoo differently. Leo never thought he'd see that look toward that dog; he was feisty.

Leo shouldn't pay this much attention to her, as he could name every detail.

The girl left the brightly colored shelter, her radiant blue hair giving off a shine. "I think she's gonna come here everyday..." Leo heard Capricorn say. Capricorn leaned back on his leather desk chair. He tapped his fingers on the desk.

"What do you mean?" Leo asked, as he pushed his bright red glasses closest to his eyes, leaning against Capricorn's desk. Capricorn fiddled with the mug filled with coffee.

"She wants to adopt the little one, but I don't think she can," he said.

Leo looked back at the white puppy. He had beady black eyes, and a wagging tail 24/7. Leo went up to glass cage. He pet it.

"I hope she gets you out soon.... She seems nice."

"Yeah. She has the same hair as you," Capricorn pointed out. Leo ran his fingers through his thick blue hair.

"Hm. Our shifts over at 6. Lets go across the street and get something."


Aquarius opened the door to her apartment. She lived in a nice complex that was very diverse, or somewhat. No dogs.

If Aquarius had know that when she was looking for a place to live after college, she wouldn't have even glanced at the complex's website. She's always wanted a dog- her parents were very strict about pets.

She plopped on her couch and thought about the little white dog she saw everyday.

---The next day--

Leo sat at the silver desk with Capricorn. It was quite busy today, with the sound of 'Awww!' filling the building as people held the small dogs. In fact, the place opened 4 hours ago and there had already been 2 adoptions.

Then she came. She was wearing a black and white striped shirt under her white sweathshirt, that matched her white jeans and black boots.

Better than Leo's outfit. He was wearing the ugly green shirt that said, "Pups Adoption".

Aquarius walked to the back of the building looking at all the puppies in their glass cages, smiling at each of them. And then she walked towards the Maltipoo, giving her normal beaming smile. The dog span in circles and put it's paws on the glass. Aquarius laughed. "I missed you too!"

Leo looked over the scene that was unfolding in front of him. He took a breath and walked over to her. Aquarius didn't notice.

"He's cute, right?" Leo said, smiling. Aquarius turned her head toward him, her blue hair swaying. She looked flustered.

"Do you work here...?" She said, slightly nervous. Leo nodded and she blushed, slightly covering her face with her palm. "I'm sorry, I'm so embarrassed. I must look like a creep coming here everyday-"

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