Aries(m) x Scorpio(m): Running Away

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Requested by Olivia403 : sorry if this isn't exactly the story you had in mind...

This is kind of an opposite story of Pisces x Scorpio. Pisces is friends with Scorpio rather than Aries, and Aries and Scorpio have never met.


Scorpio walked on the soft muddy grass along side the purple haired Pisces. She had her hands behind her back as her glistening earrings swayed back and fourth.

"Someone is bound to catch us at some point..." Pisces said worryingly. Scorpio rolled his eyes. They've been doing this all the time, yet Pisces always was hesitant and feared the worse. Scorpio put his hands in his pockets.

"It's okay, we-" He was interrupted by him hearing a noise that came from behind the school. Scorpio stopped, one foot in front of him as Pisces looked at him curiously. The noise was heard again, and she looked up in the air, looking left and right.

"W-what is that...?" she said. Pisces thought it was an animal, licking it's fangs ready to eat her.

"Just... stay close and don't try anything stupid."

Scorpio walked ahead of her, slightly leaning towards the back of the school. He got close enough to the back that he could see a glimpse of a person with bright hair and tanned skin. The person, to whom Scorpio thought was a boy, was holding his hand tightly as red liquid spilled between his fingers. Scorpio's eyes went from serious concerned and he walked toward the boy. The boy looked about his age, maybe a bit younger.

"Hey, are you okay?" Scorpio shouted in the direction of the boy. The boy looked up, his hair moving slightly out of his eyes. He immediately jumped over the fence behind him, and Scorpio could see the amount of blood gushing from the boy's hand. "Hey! Wait!"

Scorpio started to run to where the boy was once standing, his hands balled into fists.

"Scorpio, wait! He's gone..." Pisces called after Scorpio. Scorpio stopped and looked around, his breath heavy. He walked towards Pisces.

"He was hurt, and scared..."

"Maybe he'll be here tomorrow morning. I'll go with you."

Scorpio looked back over the fence, the images of the boy flashing in his mind. He walked away from the fence and towards the school with Pisces. "What did he look like?" she asked, her hands now by her side. Scorpio put his mind in thought.

"He had red hair, and he kind of looked our age, although a bit younger. His hand was bleeding and he looked scared."

"Do you recognize him from any where? Do you know if he goes to this school?"

"I don't think so..."


The school bell rang through Scorpio's ears, and he rushed out the classroom door. He stood out in the empty halls as students started to fill the school. He spotted Pisces and motioned for her to come outside. Scorpio stepped out into the cold air, Pisces following him. The raven haired boy walked fast towards the back of the school, Pisces walking after him.

"Do you think he'll be here again?" Pisces asked, her hands in her jet black sweater's pockets. Scorpio sighed.

"I hope so," he replied, thinking about the boy's beautiful orange eyes.


"...Scorpio?" Pisces said, looking at Scorpio staring at the ground blankly. Scorpio brought his mind out of the dark place it likes to wander to.

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