Leo(f) x Virgo(m): Survivors

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Requested by: Momo_Malakai


Leo walked in the store, her silver purse on her shoulder. Her purple shoes clicked against the cold tile floor. She walked down an aisle and overheard two teens talking, a boy and a girl.

"It's supposed to get rough tonight..." the teen girl said with worry, looking at her bright phone. "And soon. We should get ready."

The teen boy nodded and they walked past Leo, going to the register with bottled water and various foods. Leo looked around her, and there was barely anybody, maybe 3 or 4 people. Then a brown haired boy walked in, and she noticed the dark clouds behind his when he opened the door to the store. He had his hands in his pockets, walking in front of the aisle Leo is in. Thunder rolled, and cashiers leaned to look outside the door. Leo heard two coworkers mutter.

"Hm. I think it's gonna be a downpour," Leo could barely make out. The boy looked out the window in confusion, then kept walking. Leo continued looking down the aisle at different art supplies. Thunder continued. The cashiers walked out from the counters and went over to a speaker.

"Attention customers, we are under a tornado warning. Please evacuate to the back of the store," the words echoed through Leo's ears. Her face filled with fear as she started to see the doors shake. Leo could see out the corner of her eye hat he boy had the same expression she had. The two ran to the back of the store, the wind getting louder.

Leo followed the two coworkers into a closet where 3 other people are huddled against the wall, one a child, tears streaming down her face. There was one small window on the side wall. Next to Virgo was the boy, who ultimately sat with his knees up next to the 3 other people. Virgo followed him.

"Hey, hey, you're okay..." The brown haired boy calmed the crying little girl down. The girl was still sobbing mad, but was breathing deeper. Leo huddled next to the boy.

"What is-" Leo was interrupted by sirens wailing and the wind having deafening effects.

And then she saw it.

In the window.

They all saw it.

The cyclone stared down threateningly at all of them. Leo's eyes grew wide in fear as she tucked her head into her knees, fearing the worse. She felt a masculine arm wrap around her. Virgo almost felt weightless all of a sudden...



"Please be okay, please be okay..." Leo slowly opened her eyes to the fuzzy area. The same boy from the store was hovered over her, blood raining from his cheeks and his blue hair was drenched. His eyes looked sincere yet scared, and his arms were on Leo's shoulders. Leo's eyes were completely opened, and he smiled. "I'm Virgo. What's your name, Miss...?"

Leo sat up and held her head with her eyes shut. "I'm not a Miss..."

Leo's bag was no where to be seen, and her silver shirt was torn, exposing her bra. She then felt embarrassed and exposed in her state. Then again, a tornado just hit. She couldn't have felt more exposed as she was sitting in what looked like a wasteland, scraps of the store she was literally just in left behind.

"Are you dizzy?" Virgo asked, taking Leo's hand.

"I'm fine, I..." Leo's voice was shaky as she looked at the child's body sprawled against the dull green grass, the dress that she was wearing torn. Leo put her hand over her mouth and stepped back, wobbling and horrified. Virgo took her hands and made her face him.

"Hey, we're fine," he said calmly. Leo held firmly onto his hands. She looked back at the child's body and began sobbing. Virgo pulled her close and and wrapped his arms around her.


Leo woke up in a very uncomfortable bed, her skin rubbing against rough fabric. She was wearing a hospital gown, and so was Virgo. Virgo was sitting in a cold metal chair on the the side of her. "You're awake.... That's good," he sighed. "The doctor said there was no internal bleeding... Just a sprained wrist and ankle, and you lost a lot of blood. They said you need to stay here for a month and so do I."

"Where are... my parents?" Leo asked desperately and instantly. "And... thanks for caring."

Virgo looked down. "We don't have any whereabouts of where they went... I'm sorry."

Leo's eyes teared up but prevented them from falling. "I've never been in a hospital before... did they strip me of my clothes to get me into this gown?" Leo said almost sarcastically. Virgo blushed intently and laughed nervously.


"I'm just teasing you!" Leo laughed. Virgo sighed and Leo laughed more. "So, are you hurt at all?"

Virgo scoffed. "Not really. Just a dislocated shoulder," he said, pulling down the sleeve of his gown to reveal a cast that was keeping his shoulder in place. Leo winced and Virgo laughed. "What, does it look that bad?"

"No, I' just imagining the scenario happening in my head. I don't even remember the scenario... seeing those dead bodies..." Leo rubbed her arm.

Virgo's smile instantly disappeared as he reached over and touched Leo's shoulder, Leo remembering his touch.

Virgo kept coming to Leo's room everyday in the hospital, for a full month, and they became friends. Leo's parents were eventually found, but Virgo's parents passed away due to severe injuries. They became friends almost instantly, joking about the darkest things. Virgo was the only one in the hospital who understood Leo- being babied by nurses, therapists annoying her. They grew close in an odd way.

Virgo walked in to Leo's room, wearing normal clothes and looking very enthusiastic. Leo sat upright in her hospital bed, on her phone. "Do you know what today is?" Virgo said, sitting down on the side of Leo's bed. Leo looked up and smiled.

"The day where I can scroll through Buzzfeed in peace?"

"No idiot, we're leaving today."

Leo's eyes practically turned to stars. She dropped her phone. "Oh my gosh! Really!?" Leo said, but the sentence pretty much came out as one word. Virgo nodded. Leo sighed in relief,

"Finally out of here..." she said. Virgo grabbed her hand unexpectedly and she blushed.

"Yup," Virgo said.

"Virgo, I just wanted to thank you, for everything. Keeping me safe. If you didn't huddle in that storm a month ago, I wouldn't even be here and, just thank you, I-"

Virgo's lips pressed against Leo's, and they stayed like that. Leo kissed back, then Virgo pulled away, wide eyed. Leo was wide eyed too, yet she closed her eyes and laughed.

"Ha, that was perfect timing," she said, still laughing. Virgo laughed, too.


that was a really sloppy ending and it was really short but I hoped you like it Momo_Malakai!

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