Scorpio(f) x Sagittarius(m): Fairytale

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conscription: forced by law or enlisted into the armed forces.


"Scorpio, dear, can you tend to the cooking for a while?" Scorpio's mothers voice rang through her ears. Scorpio stopped dusting the chairs.

"Coming mother!" Scorpio speed walked to the kitchen, her mothers always tired eyes looking sympathetic.

"Thank you, Scorpio. It's just been-"

"I understand. I don't mind helping, you know," Scorpio says, cutting her mother off. Her mother smiles, and walks off to a room.

Scorpio sighs as she begins to boil what little she has in a wooden pot over a hand lit fire. She lets the sound of the fire crackling settle in her ears. She had to admit, it got lonely.

It was true that Scorpio didn't mind cleaning and helping around the house. But ever since her brother Aries left, things took a turn. Her mother turned depressed, even violent in some cases after Aries was conscripted to fight in a war that almost seemed everlasting.

And yet, the King and the Queen of Scorpio's land didn't do anything.

While the rich lived among Scorpio wearing robes made of foreign silk, she and the rest of her village lived on dirt roads and had nothing but burned and used clothes from others. No one had hope and no one saw out of their troubles that they've been having for years.

Scorpio quickly took the food out of the wooden pot.


"Be careful, honey. Don't go pick pocketing, it's dangerous around this time-"

"Mother, I'll be fine," Scorpio reassured her mother. Scorpio's mother looked down. Scorpio set down her goodbyes and headed out the door with her basket in hand, which was filled with lists of things she had to buy.

Scorpio's uncomfortable shoes that she had grown a custom to walked along the dirt path, going her usual route. Ahead was the market that she went to rarely, since she didn't really make a lot of money.

Scorpio looked down, holding her basket firmly. She then felt herself falling after hitting a broad shoulder in front of her. Her cheek was now covered in dust after hitting the floor. Scorpio's basket was on the ground next to her.

"Oh I'm sorry- uh..." Scorpio lifted her head to see a broad boy about her age who was in traditional and nice clothes Scorpio had never seen before.

It was the prince. That's why he didn't say sorry, royalty aren't allowed to apologize to commoners.

She wanted to get up and spit in his face.

"Are you... okay?" Was all that the prince could manage. Scorpio furrowed her eyebrows. She noticed that the prince didn't bother to help her up, as it was also against the code to help, and at this point, touch commoners.

"I'm fine, thanks," Scorpio said with an attitude. The prince smiled awkwardly and weakly.

"I'm Sagittarius, the prince of-"

"The prince of Reela, I know."

Scorpio was completely aware that she was making Sagittarius feel incredibly uneasy, and she thought it served him right. "I'll be going now," she said flatly.

Scorpio could just about see out of her peripheral that Sagittarius opened his mouth to say something, but retaliated.


Virgo opened the door in front of Scorpio. "Hi, S."

Scorpio looked up at her. "Hey Virgo," she said in a boring monotone. Virgo looked at her curiously as Scorpio walked into her house.

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