The Signs in a Haunted House

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All the signs were next to go in the house as they were waiting in line.

"I don't think this is a good idea..." Cancer said quietly as she looked around at the cobwebs and blood on the house in front of her. Scorpio placed an arm on her shoulder. Cancer jumped slightly.

"Relax, Cancer. It's just zombies and guys with chainsaws," Scorpio said with a smirk. Cancer's face looked even more nervous than before.

"Don't worry Cancer. Scorpio's just messing with you," Pisces said.

Aries smiled at Scorpio and Cancer. "I heard that the last group of people that went in here didn't make it out alive..." he grinned evil.

"Aries, you're not helping." Pisces looked ahead at the house and the doors opened. "Look! We're going in!"

They all go inside.

Leo held his nose. "Ew. It smells like Sagittarius in here," he said, smiling. Sagittarius looked back at him and rolled her eyes. Sagittarius walked away from the group.

"Ha, very funny Leo, how long did it take you to come up with that one?" Sagittarius walked near a what looked like empty hallway.

"Sag, where are you going? We're going this way," Gemini said, pointing in the opposite direction to where Sagittarius was.

"I'm going on an adventure!" She yelled, running down the hallway. Aquarius looked back at her.

"Wait, Sag! I'm coming!" Aquarius exclaimed, running after Sagittarius. Capricorn looked at the hallway with wonder.

"If they die, I'm taking all their stuff-"

A loud banging noise was heard.

"Oh my god we're gonna die, we're gonna die, we're gonna die..." Cancer said, hiding behind Gemini. Cancer looked around at the walls of the house.

"Cancer, come on. Everyone's gonna be fi-" Taurus started to say but was interrupted by the sudden sound of the door ahead of them creaking open. Cancer looked nervous as she followed the rest of the signs into the dark depths of the house.

They entered a room that contained lots of cobwebs. Lots of them got in Aires face, and it didn't take long for him to get really mad about it.

"ARGH! Won't these webs just fuck off?" Aires yelled, his voice echoing through the halls. Libra rolled his eyes. Everyone heard a muffled scream, and Cancer immediately started to get anxious.


"I'm sure they're fine Cancer," said Virgo.


"AHHHH!" Sagittarius and Aquarius yelled simultaneously as they were running from a guy wearing a mask, a chainsaw in hand. The chainsaw whirred behind them as they ran to nowhere, and they turned the corner. They started running slower, noticing the whirring sound became distant.

"I... think we... lost him," Sagittarius said, gasping for breath in between.

"I don't ever wanna run like that again..." said Aquarius, her hands on her knees. They both started walking down the empty corridor. "We should look for the others," Aquarius said. Sagittarius looked at her in disbelief.

"What? No way, lets explore this place together!" Aquarius knew there was no changing Sagittarius' mind.

They both walked down the hall that had walls that were stained with a green goop. "I think this is... fake ectoplasm...?" Aquarius said, looking closely at one of the stains. Sagittarius gasped.



"Libra, Libra! Look at this painting!" Gemini said, grabbing onto Libra's arm. He started to laugh at Gemini's excitement as he looked at the painting. It looked like a painting from the 1800's, and it looked like the eye holes were cut out of it.

"There's more..." Libra said, as him and Gemini walked further down the hall, not realizing that they were walking far away from the group.

"Should we go get them?" Pisces asked Aires. Aires looked at the two lovebirds walking away from him.

"Nah, leave them be. They'll find their way back," he explained, walking with the group.


"These are all really creepy..." Libra said, holding Gemini's hand as they examined the paintings. Gemini looked back at one of them. The eyes of the painting looked back at her...?

"Um, Libra... That painting, it wasn't looking this way before," Gemini said pointing to the painting they just passed.

"Stop trying to scare me- Wait... you're right..." Libra said looking at the painting she was pointing to. "They're all looking this way." The paintings started to shake as the two signs looked at it happen in awe.

"!" Gemini said as she almost dragged Libra with her, still holding onto his hand.


Gemini x Libra action cuz dats mah ship

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and also i just finished writing this on Thursday (August 25) and the new episode of steven universe absolutely killed me, and the song was great. If you don't watch Steven Universe, I highly recommend it.

~Its okay, its okay, its okay, its okay, its okay...~

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