Virgo(f) x Taurus(m): A Story -1-

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Why was she so sensitive? Taurus thought about this question every time he looked into her beautiful brown eyes and whenever he could see her sweet smile in the distance. She was so insecure about herself, yet she always had Gemini and Capricorn with her. She was never at lunch, and if she was, she never talked. She just... sat there. She was here today.

"Hey man, are you okay?" Leo asked as he tapped Taurus arm. Taurus looked at him. "Oh yeah, I'm fine. Just thinking."

"About Virgo? When do you ever stop thinking about her," Leo said. Taurus laughed.

"I don't know. I just..."

"Like her?"

"No, I just... I don't know... feel bad for her."

Taurus looked at her from across the room. He frowned. She was sitting with Gemini and Capricorn, eating a sandwich while Gemini and Capricorn were talking.

Lunch passed as Taurus was heading to his next class with Aquarius. Virgo was in this class.

"Are you close friends with Virgo?" He asked Aquarius. She looked up.

"No, not really, you would have to talk to Gemini about that," Aquarius said. Taurus sighed as he walked in the classroom. Virgo wasn't there. That's weird, Taurus thought. She would miss lunch but never class. He left the classroom and walked the halls. She was no where. Soon he was at the exit the school.

"Dammit Virgo..." he cursed as he left the school.

His shoes touched the green grass, and the suns glare hit him. The suns glare hit something else. Her shining brown hair whipped back as Virgo looked back at him. She looked back at the pond she was sitting in front of.

"Can you leave... please?" She said in a soft voice. Taurus looked down.

"...No." he said. "I'm tired of seeing you all sad like this. Your capable of being happy."

Virgo looked at him. Taurus walked over and sat next to her and looked at the pond. The glistening blue water swayed back and forth as he stared at his reflection.

"I want to be happy... But I don't know how-" Taurus interrupted her by grabbing her hand.

"You do know how, your just not letting yourself be happy."

Virgo, and for the first time in forever, laughed. Taurus smiled and laughed with her. Virgo looked at him deeply. Taurus noticed her deep brown eyes that just looked like holes in her face, and how her wavy and shin brown hair would bob whenever she moved her head.

"You're so cute when you smile, why don't you do it more often?"

"Because no ones ever said that to me," she laughed. They sat there for the entire class period.

--the next morning--

"What are you all giddy about?" Aires looked at the smiling Taurus, his hair nicer than usual. The two were walking down the hall, surrounded by people.

"I spent time with Virgo yesterday-"

"What? Virgo? Why? She's so weird and quiet. Besides, she has Gemini and Capricorn."

"Yeah but... she's beautiful, and lonely. I wanted to make her feel important."

"--sigh--, I'll never understand your intentions..."

The two walked into the locker halls Aires walking away. Taurus walked further down the hall, only to bump into someone.

"Oh, I'm sorry," he began, but stopped when he knew who bumped into him. Virgo was standing there in a green sweater and a black pair of glasses that he hadn't noticed before.

"S-sorrry- Oh, Taurus, hi!"

"Hi, I thought I would sew you."

"Oh. And I was wondering... and I know it sounds stupid, but... do you wanna talk at lunch? Or something...?"

"Yeah, I mean, sure!"

"Oh, okay! See you there!"


I have writers block so I'm ending it here. Do you want a part two?

This is going up late because I woke up at 3 in the afternoon no joke

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