Gemini(f) x Libra(m): Two Faced

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The signs were at Cancer's house, playing multiple rounds of Mario Kart, and Libra being the victor every round.

"Yeah! 4 in a row!" Libra said with pride as the other signs groaned.

"Ugh, you win every fucking time!!" Aires yelled, clenching his fists and slamming his fist on the arm of the couch in frustration. Aquarius, who was sitting on the floor, fell backwards, and groaned in irritation.

"Dude! Can you at least let us win one?" Aquarius said, pointing to the screen that said, "YOSHI WINS!" and showed Yoshi waving while driving a go kart. "What, can I say, Yoshi is best," Libra said, a smug smile on his face. Gemini scoffed.

"Please, Rosalina is far superior. I mean, look at her hair, and her dress. She's way better than Yoshi," Gemini said. Libra looked at her. This went on regularly.

"Um no, Yoshi is best because..." Libra went on to talk about why Yoshi was best, and Gemini did the same (almost talking non stop). All the signs knew this was going to happen at some point.

"They should just make out already," Scorpio smiled. Everybody new that Libra liked Gemini, even though he acted like he hated her. Gemini would always argue with him, about anything and everything.

"Alright guys, next round! No holding back! And try harder, Virgo!" Sagittarius said, mainly to Virgo.

"But I'm terrible at this game!" Virgo whined. Gemini and Libra eventually finished their bickering.

"Alright, let's watch Libra win... again..." Pisces sighed as they all raced again.

It was the final stretch and the packs was close to the finish line with Libra in front, but Gemini was close behind. She hit a block (i don't know what the fuck they're called) and gained a red shell. She immediately threw it at Libra. The shell aimed at him as all the signs were screaming. The shell hit Libra and left him spinning. Libra put down the controller, knowing he lost, as Gemini crossed the finish line.

"YES! YES YES YES YES YES!!" Gemini screamed as the signs cheered. They don't remember the time someone beat Libra. Libra laughed.

"Gg, Gemini, gg," Libra said, shaking Gemini's hand. She giggled.

"Finally! You're, like, impossible to beat, ya know that?" she smiled. Libra blushed slightly.

"Y-yeah, I know," he said with confidence.

All the signs sat in the living room and watched a Disney movie (cuz why not). Gemini sat next to Cancer, and Libra was sitting next to Leo. Cancer tapped Gemini's arm, and with her attention pointed to the kitchen. The girls got up and went there.

"Why don't you just say it already?" Cancer whispered. Gemini gave her a confused look and grabbed a water bottle from the fridge.

"Say what?" She whispered back. Gemini opened the bottle and took a long sip.

"I know you like Libra!" Cancer said quietly. Gemini nearly choked on her water.

"Huh? No way! He's mean, and... He's mean!" Gemini said, not really whispering anymore. Cancer held her finger to her mouth.

"Think about it this way. How can you resist those adorable green eyes! He's your type."

"It doesn't matter, he hates me, I hate him. Simple. Wait! Let me tell you all the reasons why..."


"Why don't you just say it already?" Leo whispered to Libra. The two were sitting near the back. Leo took a handful of popcorn in his mouth.

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