Sagittarius(f) x Aries(m): Contact

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This one shot is kind of a young-love school kinda thing. I think it's adorable.

"But why don't you stay here where you're happy?" Sagittarius said sadly as she tugged on Aries' red puffy jacket sleeve. Aries looked at her and sighed.

"I want to! But my dad says we have to go to Australia..." he said softly. Aries punched the seat in front of him then crossed his arms, looking away. "Ugh, this is crap!" He said. Sagittarius slightly punched his arm.

"Hey! Don't say bad words!"

Aries slouched back in his chair. "7 hours until I leave..."

"NO! Don't say that. That just makes it scarier."


"Aries, why aren't you working on your worksheet?" The teacher tapped on Aries desk with a dry erase marker. Aries gasped slightly as he looked up at the teacher, immediately putting down the pink crayon that was once in his small hands. Aries put the worksheet in front of him.

"I am, Ms. Peekstok," Aries said, sliding the project he was working on in his desk. The teacher walked back to the whiteboard. Aries looked down at the pink and red heart he had made for Sagittarius.

"I'll miss you forever," it said in purple crayon. Aries took the paper heart out of the desk and added more hearts on it. The crayons started to get sticky, and the colors were not blending well together. She deserves better than this, Aries thought, crumpling up the heart. He pulled put another sheet of printer paper that he had stole from the teacher (Sagittarius would not approve) and cut it into a heart (Sagittarius taught him that). He pushed away his pencils and pulled his colored crayons near to him.

He started to put too many hearts that he couldn't even count, and he even tried to make hearts with some glitter pens that smeared on to the paper.

Aries couldn't take his mind off her.

Her glowing orange hair.

The innocence in her eyes.

Her soft, pale skin.

What was this... feeling that came to him?


"Hey why are you all sad? Are you hurt? If you are then why?" Gemini was talking non stop, pulling on her baby blue sweatshirt. Sagittarius finished another math problem and sighed.

"It's nothing. We have 5 more problems left, and most people are already... finished..." Sagittarius looked over the partners that had there pencils down. "Usually Aries would help me tonight, but..." Sagittarius gave up and put down her pencil, slouching back in her plastic chair. Gemini straightened herself in her chair and looked over at Sagittarius.

"So it's about Aries?" Gemini questioned, "What happened to him?" Sagittarius sighed gloomily.

"He's leaving today... to leave the country."

"That's really far away. Don't you like him?"

Sagittarius blushed at Gemini's words. She ofiddled with her fingers. "N-no! ...well-"

"I knew it! Just tell him!"

Sagittarius' blush grew stronger by the seconds p. "No, he thinks of us as friends.... and now he's leaving... and I'll never be able to say it."and

Gemini looked up and thought. "Do you and Aries have a computer at his and yours house?"


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