Virgo(f) x Taurus(m): A Story -2-

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By popular demand, here is the second Virgo x Taurus!
I highly recommend reading the cringy first part. Its bad because it was the first one shot I ever made...


Virgo felt like an idiot. Scared to sit next to a guy for thirty minutes, a guy which, for the first time, actually opened up to her. Virgo felt nice thinking that at least one person was always thinking about her.

She wore a hoodie that was mid-sleeve, actually showing some of her skin, and wore jeans that came up higher than her ankles. It's been a while since she's wore clothes showing skin, but Taurus changed that. Virgo walked on the pale tiled floor, bits of crumbs scattered near her feet. She looked up, seeing the familiar light haired boy sitting down. With other people.

There are other guys...?

Virgo instantly felt nervous, walking a bit slower. Taurus looked up at her showing off a smile. She tried her best to give a smile back and she eventually got to the table, sitting down next to Taurus.

"Hey, I'm glad you came!" Taurus said to Virgo as she sat down with her lunch.

So am I-

"Thanks!" Virgo said, trying not to say what her mind wanted her to. She could practically feel the two boys sitting across from Taurus on her.

"Oh, this is Libra and Aries," Taurus introduced pointing to the two boys. Libra smiled.

"Hi there. You look beauti-" Libra started to say.

"Back off," Taurus said playfully. Virgo blushed at Taurus defense towards her. Aries laughed.

"Libra, stop being so desperate. Hey, the name's Aries," he greeted himself. Virgo smiled.

"Hi, I'm Virgo," she said. Virgo looked past the two boys, seeing darting eyes and raised eyebrows towards her. She looked down, her arms now hanging by her side, then felt a hand on her shoulder.

"Are you... okay with this?" She heard Taurus whisper to her. Virgo looked up him.

"No, I'm... I'm fine. Don't worry," she tried to say calmly. Aries laughed quietly.

"So. Are you two dating or what?" Aries finally asked. Virgo looked at him.

"U-um, no, we barely know each other, I guess..." Virgo said quickly. Taurus said something else, but Virgo wasn't listening. She was too busy looking at a girl who was looking at her and whispering to her friend. Suddenly the two girls got up and walked towards Virgo and Taurus, their heels clacking against the floor. One had raven black hair-- almost like Virgo's friend Gemini-- and another had a pixie cut with brown hair. The two girls were now standing in front of Virgo and the boys.

"Ugh, go away Leo," Aries said with disgust, sitting down but still turned to face Leo. Leo, the girl with brown hair laughed.

"Aries, are you actually defending this, aha, thing," Leo said, looking at Virgo. Virgo flashed her mean look, and the girl with black hair noticed.

"What? Are you actually going to try to fight back?" The girl, whose name was Scorpio, said with a tone of sarcasm. Taurus' eyes darted over to Scorpio.

"Leave, Scorpio," Taurus said coldly towards her. Scorpio's wicked smile turned into something even more evil.

"Hmph. Not gonna say anything, you bitch?" Virgo's eyes teared up and tried to prevent glossy tears from streaming down her cheeks. She looked down and stood up, running off with her hand pressed against her eyes. She ran out the doors leading to the field. Virgo could faintly hear Taurus' backlashing towards the girls.


Taurus quickly ran out the doors that Virgo ran out of, hoping to see the girl he's known for only a short time. She wasn't there.

"Ugh, can she be somewhere for once?" Taurus grumbled to himself. He walked across the field, hoping not to be seen by any teachers, and walked to the other pair of doors that led to the empty hallways. He looked left and right, and Virgo was still nowhere.

After walking through the deserted halls, lunch was over and he had given up. He didn't want to give up, but he had assumed that Virgo probably left campus and walked home.

Virgo wasn't there the next day.

Taurus overheard Gemini talking about Virgo's social media and how it was filled with negative remarks. He felt bad. He could've done something-- anything-- to stop Scorpio from saying anything to Virgo. He didn't really talk to anyone that day.


Virgo walked slowly through the halls to her locker, looking down and not making a sound. When she go to her locker, she tried to let her hair fall in front of her face to prevent people from seeing her.

She was grabbing her books, and then someone knocked softly on her locker door. She feared for the worst as she moved the door out of the way to reveal Taurus. But he was wearing a fedora and was holding a few purple lilies in his pale hand. His clothes were a lot more straightened then normal. Virgo smiled, with relief and at Taurus' outfit.

"M'lady," Taurus said with a slight accent whilst he tipped his fedora forward and extended the flowers towards Virgo. Virgo giggled and took the flowers, looking at the moist petals that were tainted purple.

"What are you doing?" Virgo giggled. Taurus smiled.

"I'm being a gentleman. Please don't tell me you're allergic to those flowers," Taurus said, remembering that Virgo once told him that she was allergic to something, but he didn't remember what. Virgo shook her head.

"No, I'm not. How did you know I was going to be here today?" Virgo asked, also realizing that she didn't feel nervous right now.

"I had a feeling," Taurus said smugly, handing his fedora to Virgo. Virgo put it on. "Look, I'm sorry. About Scorpio and Leo."

"It's not your fault."

"No, it is. I should've defended you or-"

"You don't have to defend me."

"But I want to. Virgo, you're the most beautiful and intelligent girl I have ever met, and... I don't wanna loose you. Virgo... I love you. I really, really do," Taurus said, getting closer to the blushing Virgo. "I hate to see you get bullied."

Virgo looked down. Taurus grabbed her hand.

"I love you, too. I really, really do."

Virgo couldn't hold back any more. She gave Taurus a small peck on the cheek. Taurus smiled brightly.

"Yeah, thanks for that."


Virgo and Taurus talked for what felt like forever, growing closer together.

A few hours later, Virgo didn't feel like an idiot anymore. She felt confident and felt special because she knew there was at least one person that cared about her.

One person that loved her.

She walked to the bench where Libra, Aries, and Taurus. Virgo sat down, putting her lunch on the table. Taurus smiled at her appearance.

"Hey there, glad you're here. I thought you wouldn't since-" Libra spoke up first.

"No. I'm fine. Taurus helped me with it," Virgo said confidently, touching the fedora on her head. Taurus held her hand under the table.


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